Rain On The City - Freedy Johnston
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  • Summary: The first album of new studio material in nine years for the singer-songwriter was produced by Richard McLaurin.
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  1. Johnston's best songs remind us that every mirror, like every voice, is always in danger of cracking. But that doesn't take anything away from the beauty of our illusions.
  2. Your gratitude for his economical writing may overcome your wonderment over why something so modest took so long.
  3. Freedy Johnston last released an album of new music in 2001 (he put out an engaging covers collection in 2008), but the years since have yielded a gorgeous pop record.
  4. 80
    Rain is a fetching guitar-pop wonder, a melodic feastm blending vintage Marshall Crenshaw-like hooks with elegant, acoustic scenes-in-miniature. [Mar 2010, p.89]
  5. Johnston delivers another album of nuanced and evocative tunes laced with vivid imagery and emotional depth.
  6. Here's a welcome return, as the underrated singer/songwriter went eight years between releases of original material. That's far too long for someone of Johnston's skill, but Rain On The City nearly makes up for the gap. [Holiday 2009, p.83]
  7. There’s nothing really wrong with a single one of them. The problem is that fans of Johnston’s music have been here before.

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