Rainwater Cassette Exchange

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  • Summary: The latest EP for the Atlanta, Georgia indie-rock band was produced by Nicolas Vernhes.

Top Track

Game of Diamonds
No one ever talked to me Now I've forgotten how to speak A problem with my chemistry Now I cant sleep and I won't, eat As soft as a strangers hand I... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Rainwater Cassette Exchange certainly finds creative ways to transform their music and expand their already impressive catalogue, even if most of the songs are quite short and leave the listener yearning for more.
  2. While their LPs are again, consistently, some of the year’s best albums, it is definitely true that their EPs are no slouches either.
  3. Rainwater Cassette Exchange confirms--Deerhunter may never make a loud or abrasive album again, but they have other, deeper fires, burning away fierce as ever.
  4. At five songs and 15 minutes long, Rainwater Cassette Exchange is a quick tour of what Deerhunter can do and how well they do it, and more proof the band's inspiration is at its peak.
  5. The result is not only Deerhunter’s least experimental batch of songs yet, but music that often sounds like it was written by another band.
  6. Ranging from translucent psych-pop to pummeling garage-rock, they're alternately assured and vulnerable, direct and subtle, light and dark.
  7. 60
    A few tracks seem unfinished, but Deerhunter's obsession with oblivion remains as intact as always.

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