Raw Footage - Ice Cube
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  • Summary: The latest album for the rapper/actor/director/producer features guests such as Musiq Soulchild, Nas, Scarface, The Game, and Young Jeezy.
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  1. This is Cube's strongest performance musically and lyrically in many many years, so he's not only forgiven for using such an absurd word, he's actually given me hope that it might eventually show up in the hip-hop dictionary.
  2. 80
    The result is arguably his best work contextually since "Death Certificate" itself.
  3. Older and wiser doesn't mean played out, and his rhymes are wittier and more tightly coiled than most of his younger peers.
  4. The bombastic intro and interludes with Keith David could go too, but otherwise this no-answers, gritty ego trip will satisfy his fans while pushing everyone else away even further.
  5. 60
    It contains some amusing satires, some witty observations about the degeneration of rap and some why-oh-why philosophising. Some beats are a little dated. [Dec 2008, p.94]
  6. 60
    Its highlights peaking above those of its predecessor even if the quality of the often plasticky beats means it's a little more uneven. [Nov 2008, p.108]
  7. Overall, the gangsta bravado and rabble-rousing sound uninspired and too familiar.

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  1. Oct 28, 2011
    Very good album. Cube make it rough as he used to do back in 90's. He hasn't the same beats as it was, but his flow remains the same. Has some social tracks(Why me?), urban (Do ya thang), and political (Gangsta Rap Made me do it) Expand

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