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  1. Wire is continuing to make greatness look easy.
  2. It’s the rare reunion project that actually adds something of significance to the band’s catalogue.
  3. It's a still-thrilling combo, even if these new songs lack the tuneful pop smarts that made Pink Flag tracks like "Field Day for the Sundays" classics. [Review of EPs 01 and 02, 21 Oct 2002]
  4. Read & Burn 02 shares its predecessor's hit-and-run aesthetic: it's a post-industrial punk rock barrage of buzzing, stinging guitars; chunky bass lines; and clockwork beats littered with terse, strangled vocals that fall somewhere between bolshy, pre-brawl aggression and football-terrace chants.
  5. Fans who still have a great deal of admiration for eighties Wire will probably be most pleasantly surprised by Read and Burn 02.
  6. 60
    So diffuse and mechanical, it sounds as if it were recorded by rebellious microchips in a German laboratory. [#13, p.103]
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  1. MartianW
    Nov 10, 2002
    Metronomic drums lacerate, manipulated guitars incinerate, while vocals hector the listener and the bass works subtly to reinforce these six tracks of refreshingly spiteful, relentless and modern punk mayhem. Full Review »