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  1. Aug 12, 2010
    This is Em's return to form, as 'Recovery' is his strongest album since The Eminem Show. Strong, focused, and truly memorable, 'Recovery' is as moving as any of his previous albums, probalby even more so with the new direction he's taking with this CD. His flow has never been better, and whatever "ring rust" he may have had is now gone, and he is killin' them one by one in 'Recovery'. He won last year for "Best Rap Album" with 'Relapse', so I can only predict that he will undoubtedly win this year as well. Anyways, the album isn't perfect, as some songs such as "Seduction", "W.T.P.", "On Fire", and "So Bad" don't seem to belong in the album. They have a "Relapse" vibe to them, and I think he should have included them in 'Relapse' not here in 'Recovery'. Despite that, the songs are all great, especially "Not Afraid, "Going Through Changes", "Love The Way You Lie", "Talkin' 2 Myself", and "No Love", which really bring this album alive and become instant classics. I really loved this album and I hope Em has something as good as this prepared for the future. Anyways, ignore the pathetic critic score of 62-for they don't know nothing of Rap/Hip-Hop-and buy this CD. This is Rap-and Eminem-at its best. Expand
  2. Aug 21, 2010
    This is one awesome album. And no, it's not good as Marshall Matters or Eminem Show or Encore, but I really, really like it. I would pick out 3 fav songs from this album: Not Afraid, Love The Way You Lie (And it will be a hit ! You' ll see) and W.T.P. Go,Em, go !
  3. Nov 6, 2010
    Pretty good and some nice songs in this album. Examples are, ''Not Afraid'', ''Love the way you Lie''.
    Overall, deserves a 8/10 rating for the number of hits it produced and it is one of Em's best albums to date.
  4. Oct 29, 2010
    While it's not Eminem's best, Recovery stands out with Marshall's desire to change. It's called Recovery for a reason, so you can't expect the same man on this album. This is way different from anything else he's ever produced with poppy tracks and mainstream lyrics that aren't as dark or deep as his predecessor Relapse.
  5. Aug 17, 2010
    very good album one of his best along the eminem show and mmlp, i would rank his albums in this order:

    1.The Eminem Show/recovery
    3.The Marshsall Mathers LP
  6. Oct 18, 2010
    After listening to this album i was amazed it had funny sides but also serious.Way better than Relapse:Refill album.I thought he did a amazing job.10 years and hes still making hits!
  7. Aug 31, 2010
    This is Just not a good album really yes if he's not screaming he's cussing I've heard worse though his verses are good but it seems his beats are repetitive and he tries to hard to tell make himself seem as innocent we all want to hear your story but tell it raw but with less screaming and cussing and less pop and rap and more REAL
  8. Aug 27, 2010
    Eminem keeps improving his skills in the last couple of years. Relapse was good, but this is PERFECT!
    Certainly one of the best hip-hop albums in the last 5 years.
  9. tst
    Sep 4, 2010
    the best album of the year, the songs are amazing im a normally a very strong critic when it comes to music, because i love it , this is one of eminems best albums

    yours sicerly

  10. Sep 7, 2010
    This album says only one thing Eminem is back alive and kicking. Em's return has made a big impact on the charts with 2 singles already reaching the top 10 in the UK charts with Love the Way You Lie reaching number 1 for 1 week, this album is the best Eminem album ive ever listened to by far. Good work Marshall.
  11. Oct 7, 2010
    Relapse and Encore were not worth downloading illegally. And I'm being kind. Recovery is just that -- a return to what made me listen to Eminem in the first place. He's angry, he's rhyming every other word in his sentences, and he doesn't sound like making fun of some imaginary ethnicity with a faked accent. There are a couple songs I don't like, but the 12/17 songs I do like total about 54 minutes, which is more than most full-length albums today anyway, so no complaints from me. I wouldn't call them "filler tracks," they're just not my thing ("WTP" is a good example... it's not bad; I just don't dance at clubs and thus don't care). He also innovates a lot. I rarely see any rap songs in 3/4, and even less that change time signatures, even if it is just a sampled chorus. Great commercial potential, doesn't get old after many listens, unique beat patterns ("Almost Famous," for sure), and considerably less misogyny and homophobia -- with just enough remaining to retain his critic-aimed raised middle finger. 9/10 -- truly excellent, but not perfect. Expand
  12. Dec 2, 2010
    So Eminem's Recovery has a lower score than Lil Wayne's I am not a human being. That shows how much common sense critics lack. Look Lil Wayne would only talk about his status, money, how much lady he gets, smoking weed, and how much powerful he is. Yes I have to admit that Recovery isn't a perfect album but still it's worthy of a 10/10. I was pretty surprised when this album came out... it was like Eminem hitting his 2nd puberty. His voice has gone a little deeper and he has gone more mature. Before recovery Eminem was dissing rappers off, but now hes encouraging rappers to keep it up (Talking to My Self). The beats are Ok i would say, but I care more about the lyrics than the beats and that is why im giving a 10/10. Expand
  13. Nov 16, 2010
    This album is the most anticipated album of 2010. Eminem is back, bigger, better and stronger. Reocvery holds the most whitty, funny and moving lyrics, ever made by Eminem. The choruses for the songs are fantastic, they have a light pop style in them which makes them catchy. Hip-hop and I are proud to say, Eminem, is the greatest rapper alive.
  14. Nov 25, 2010
    One of the greatest albums of 2010. This album is very good but it can't beat The Slim Shady LP or The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show. Great!
  15. Jun 10, 2011
    The people who give this album a high rating do not know the true Eminem-The Real Slim Shady. The once controversial and trashy rapper who everyone loved to hate has turned into America's sweetheart. His flow is still there, the amount of syllables he can fit in a bar is still amazing, but his "maturity" is nothing more than an act to gain approval from the contemporaries. I understand as an artist one must grow, but it's past Eminem's prime. He's a man who has been down "that road", and he exclaims his redemption in this album. I praise Eminem for his growth as a human being, but I think it's time for him to put down the mic. Expand
  16. Sep 9, 2011
    It's of course not Em's best album and it's far from the level of the Marshall Mathers LP or the Slim Shady LP. However Eminem gets credit for putting one of his best album since the Eminem Show and still being, after more than 10 years of career, one of the best out there.
  17. Jun 22, 2011
    The best eminem album yet. Tons of classic beats and lyrics. Also, many people featured in his songs are perfectly integrated to keep the eminem feel, while still giving their own individual touch.
  18. Dec 25, 2011
    I haven't been such a big fan of Eminem or Rap in general for a long time know but when I heard this, I honestly lost a lot of respect for him, jesus this is awful this is going to spawn a fan base that obviously isn't familiar with his earlier and much better work that was very much a fan of but all that is now lost in this latest album.
  19. Dec 13, 2011
    This truly might be one of the worst albums I have ever heard. I understand that people used to like Eminem when he was considered edgy, but he has turned into nothing but awful. I have never heard anybody complain more in my life than this guy. I would be alright with it if some form of wordplay existed in his albums, but that is not even present. I guess I would not mind the lack of wordplay if he was able to hold a thought for more than two lines. At no point does he tell a story throughout the entire album. He simply raps for two lines about someone who wronged him in some stupid way, and then moves on to the next person who made him a "victim" in some way. Expand
  20. Feb 23, 2012
    Eminem attempted to make a comeback after Relapse (Which I Think Is better Than Recovery). It was a great comeback he performed with 2 #1 hits and a seven week #1 album run. But for me it was an Aight album. I really love this album but i would take Relapse Over Recovery Any day of the Year.
  21. Nov 4, 2013
    Overated as getting good ratings beacuse he is white. He can't rap for Stop illeagaly downloaing his albums and get Kanye West's, as he is the best.
  22. Nov 14, 2013
    Stunning...the best album since maybe The Eminem show. And I'm not just talking Eminem.....

    Can't match the IMPACT of MMLP1 (you can't be the first man on the moon ever since Neil Armstrong went there) but in terms of this man's genius this could be #1.
  23. Aug 15, 2010
    this may not be the best eminem album but not the worst album yet.Any person can keep on listening 2 diss album continuosly without skipping a track not a great stuff but still its shady back again..
  24. Aug 18, 2010
    Good but not great. Too much pop for my taste. Better than "Relapse", that's for sure. I'm glad that he is still making some good songs. Album certainly exceeded my expectations.
  25. Sep 3, 2010
    Recovery is a pretty good jump from Relapse. No crazy accents thrown around and he doesnt over do his joking around. Eminem hasnt been this fierce since The Eminem Show. It does bear some of the moodiness of Encore but it isnt mellowed over. While Eminem's fierce flow, crazy & thought provoking lyrics are a plus here, Recovery still has a major flaw. The finger shouldnt be pointed at Eminem's performance, but at his more at his guest list. Rihanna's singing is decent, but on an Eminem song, she just seems out of place. While Pink's cameo isnt as out-there as Rihanna's, its honestly nothing special either. Eminem wouldve been better off using sampled hooks or underground, unknown singers (Kobe was a slight plus). Lil Wayne's cameo is nothing special at all either. He brings his usual, played out structured punchline flow, making it seem like he's not saying anything he hasnt said already. Eminem totally outshines him on "No Love", putting his speedy, comical, and partially fierce flow next to Wayne who sounds either delibertly high or bored. That song wouldve been PERFECT for a Bad Meets Evil reunion. Expand
  26. Jan 28, 2011
    Eminem is back. With a much stronger album than his last 2. And you can tell the reason its so different from relapse isnt because of its poor reviews. its because like all his albums it reflects his life and what is going on in it. Mr. Mathers is starting to mature. and the product could not be more pleasing. sick beats with some of the most complex verses ive ever seen make this album a must have. Mr. Mathers, Please continue to tell us your life story because it is a damn good one Expand
  27. Jul 21, 2011
    I have no shame in saying that I liked Relapse better. Lyrically, Eminem has improved since Relapse, but in numerous other aspects, Recovery is a downgrade. The production values are weaker this time around, as Dr. Dre only produced one song (So Bad), so the strong bass and percussion are missing. The songs are mostly cliche soft rock beats, with annoying synthesized percussion, produced by DJ's. The album overall sounds monochromatic and uniform. From beginning to finish, it is a noise album where Eminem screams in a monotone from track 1 to track 17. Despite a new theme of self-awakening, the album still has some very profane tracks (which did not generate any controversy from the media which largely ignored this), which is good that he was not being self-righteous or pretentious. But this serious side of him does seem phony, as he essentially acts as if he is too strong to laugh or smile. While Eminem, thankfully, finally decided to let go of the fart jokes, the album is still laden with outdated pop culture references and silly metaphors. Half of the tracks on the album are not really about anything in particular, but rather just random freestyles. While Eminem is on the right track lyrically, and in terms of delivery, he is in a dilemma where he is simply running out of things to talk about. But most importantly, the fans are happy. From a critical standpoint, this album is a setback, but if you like the new Eminem, go and buy his CD. Expand
  28. Jan 2, 2011
    Ive noticed somtimes critics don't appreciate great ablums untill a few years pass by. The Marshall Mathers LP got an okay pretty good 79 when it came out but now its considered a classic! Recovery is his best album since The Eminem Show. Relapse was much too silly but now Eminems serious he is spitting more impressive rhymes. There are onlly a few weak tracks (only for Eminem's standard) that aren't that bad they are pretty ok but the better tracks are amzing lyricaly and they cover about 90 percent of the whole album. Even the mainstream songls like love the way you lie are impressive Expand
  29. NJR
    Nov 3, 2010
    To put it simply, a major disappointment, all of Em's "Mainstream fans" will love this one because he uses his proper voice, but as far as Hip-Hop goes, the album is weak, the production is pretty awful, Em's delivery gets seriously boring, his tone does not change at all in the album and lyrically the album is very predictable and corny. The reason I give the album a 6 is simply because of his flow, which has never let him down, but honestly these last 8 years have just been disappointment after disappointment for us real Shady fans, I just hope to god that someday he can return to the form he showed from 99 to 02. Expand
  30. Nov 23, 2010
    Lots of people are giving it a 10 unconsciously. In reality, it deserves a 7 because some of the content is repetitive, the nasal delivery can get annoying, and the singing isn't all that good, but I applaud him to his vocals shine through and not use auto-tune to cover it up. But still, the biggest problem is abysmal production, other then the Dre, Bo1da, and Blaze tracks, it's not very quality. Lyrically, it's an excellent album and his flow is back to being normal and his rapid fire delivery as back. It's a good introspective rap album. It's his best album since he got hooked on drugs (or the bad half of Encore). There are no real weak but the album mostly consists of average tracks, and there are a some of good tracks, and a few excellent tracks. But, by Eminem's standards, it's not classic, but a worthy and necessary addition to his collection. Buy: Space Bound, Not Afraid, Talkin' 2 Myself Download: Cinderella Man, On Fire, So Bad, You're Never Over, Almost Famous Skip: N/A Rapping (Lyrics and Flow): 9/10 Vocals (Singing): 6.5/10 Production: 6/10 Expand
  31. Feb 9, 2011
    Well what an album! It's not as good as Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy but his darkness and his ability to rap will blow you away.
  32. Jan 22, 2011
    Eminem is back and with noo surprize Kicking *** with his new album. Yes its not the same as his old stuff but still just as good. Eminem never fails to impress
  33. Jan 22, 2011
    When he titled it RECOVERY, Em sure did mean it. To me this is probably his second best and only The Marshall Mathers LP would be better than this. He has finally come to peace with his demons and he is finally ready to let the whole world know how he feels which is good for the fans and bad for the haters. Infact, most of this album features songs saying how feels about some of the haters ( eg. On Fire, Almost Famous, Untitled Hidden Track, No Love, Won't Back Down, Cinderella Man etc.) as well as personally driven songs ( Not Afraid, Going Through Changes, Talkin' 2 Myself, Your Never Over, Space Bound, 25 to Life etc.). This album is definetly the most complete album he has done since The Marshall Mathers LP. He still is looking to prove that he is THE best Rapper out there and is back to prove it. The first track ( Cold Wind Blows) pulled me in because it wasn' a skit for once and was actually a song that Em opens the album with. Very good song. Let's see if he can make people forget about that little punk Justin Bieber or that a**hole Kanye West. Give or take a year or two, but one of those guys will likely be forgotten because of EMINEM'S GREAT RECOVERY!!! Expand
  34. Feb 10, 2011
    Jonathan Burger
    1-24-11 Recovery-Eminem Review
    Eminem, now clean, once again shocks the music world with an outstanding album about his recovery from drug abuse. With his last album being named relapse, some thoughts might come to mind that â
  35. Feb 27, 2011
    In his latest album eminem now finds himself maturing more from "relapse". this album is hardly a recovery. it his pretty much the same eminem whining about his life, his wife, and his love life and how he has had his heart broken. there good tracks like not afraid, and your never over, and some pretty bad ones like ridaz, love the way you lie and on fire. you would never expect an album like this from eminem, where in one breath he is claiming that he is cold as a a cold wind when it blows, and that he has always been giving you his best, and in another saying how he is sorry that he almost dissed kanye and lil wayne and how his carrer would have been ruined and how he thinks that his last two albums were trash. he will also bash auto tune, then do a song with lil wayne, a notorious abuser of auto tune. the beats sound like they were made with someone with basic knowledge of garage band, dr.dre only has 1 beat on the album and 2 if you buy the bonus track one. the songs sound the same, his flow is good, but sounds the same on every song. i am a fan of the first 3 eminem albums and although this was better then relapse it still is disappointing. he didnt have a lot of time to do it in so i will give him credit for that, but the album still dose not live up the old eminem standards by any means Expand
  36. Apr 2, 2011
    While this album does not have the variety and ground breaking songs and lyrics of old Eminem classics such as The Slim Shady LP (1999), The Marshall Mathers LP (2000), and The Eminem Show (2002), it is a big improvement on Encore (2004) and Relapse (2009). The only things that keep this album from being a classic are the lack of funny Slim Shady songs, no extremely homophobic or sexist punchlines, terrible chorus, and terrible collaborations. This album however has some solid lyrics, and Eminem's skill of rapping is at an all time high. Expand
  37. May 12, 2011
    eminem was more calm on this album. it was a good album. it deserved recognition at the grammys. it was decent. eminem proves he can sing and rap.
  38. Jun 29, 2011
    "Recovery" is a very good album with several standout tracks: "Not Afraid", "Love The Way You Lie", "W.T.P" and more. Some of the other tracks, however, are simply boring.
  39. Jun 11, 2011
    Hey, to everyone who says if we give this a good rating, we don't know the real slim shady, well yes i do, i have heard all his cds, i own all of them and i generally like them all (Relapse and Infinite are just ok though). He is the best rapper ever and i personally believe this is his best cd. It has nothing but good songs, it is amazing and shows just how great of a rapper he is
  40. Aug 18, 2011
    this album is the best album ever. love the way you lie is the best track ever. this is eminem coming back to form. much more serious and emotional album. eminem proves that he is the king of hip hop after releasing this album. just love it. all eminem haters f**k you
  41. Jun 23, 2011
    This ranks 5th in my list of best Eminem Albums right behind "The Marshall Mathers LP", "The Eminem Show", "Relapse" and "The Slim Shady LP." I'm not trying to knock it either because that's pretty elite company in my opinion.
  42. Jun 28, 2011
    If you weren't impressed with Relapse or Refill you more then likely will be with this album. I wouldn't put this album on the same level as The Eminem show, the Slim shady LP or the Marshal Mathers LP but I would put it above Encore or at the least on the same level as it. Recovery has some of Eminem's greatest songs along with some mediocre tracks that most people will probably just skip to get onto the good songs. Overall this album in my opinion is one of the best if not the best album of 2010. Expand
  43. Aug 31, 2011
    This album was an unspeakably huge improvement over Relapse with some of his deepest emotional moments and some tracks that I can't stop listening to (Space Bound & You're Never Over).
  44. Aug 30, 2011
    I feel this album is overall a good album. Better than Encore and Relapse, but not like the first three. I don't like the idea of doing a song with Rihanna though. But still, a good album
  45. Sep 5, 2011
    An ultimately underwhelmingly follow-up to Relapse. For the most part, this didn't sound like a typical Eminem album, due to the heavier focus on the producing aspect. Dr. Dre's role appeared to be shortened in favour of more thumping producers. Many of the tracks float over my head and make little impact, whereas Eminem albums usually have the capability to keep me entertained throughout, whether in disbelief or genuine enjoyment. The single that accompanied the album Not Afraid was disappointingly whiny, but there are still a couple of strong tracks. Buy it...if you want. Expand
  46. Dec 22, 2011
    I enjoyed it. Recovery has some really good songs, and I think that the theme is way better than on Relapse. Even tough songs like ''You're Never Over'' feature great themes, Em isn't a singer, but when he raps like on ''Won't Back Down'' or ''Untitled'' it's freaking amazing.Kill'd it once again but he had better.
  47. Oct 22, 2011
    His best album since The Eminem Show and The Slim Shady LP. The album contains 17 tracks. But this album contains too much musical gore and too little common sense or meaning in his songs. Instead he focuses on getting angry and saying bad stuff to people. But it's not all like that there's 2 songs about his best friend Proof which everyone will really like. And for the 1st time You can hear Eminem singing. This isn't his worst album but it's a lot better than Relapse and The Re-Up. Anyway it's good if you're a fan then buy the album now. Expand
  48. Nov 12, 2011
    One of my favorite albums to date, it was a much better follow up album after Relapse. I still listen to this album frequently even a year after its release.
  49. Nov 16, 2011
    I really like Eminem's new songs, I don't understand why anyone would hate this album. All I see is people saying "What is this? I want the old Em back!". Listen, there never was old or new Eminem, there is only Eminem and his decisions. Every song on this album is worth listening, although there are a couple songs that get tiring already after listened to 5 times or so.
  50. Nov 24, 2011
    Great album, haters cant hate that this dude is beyond anyones level. his lyrics are too good and just cuz he doesnt talk about beating women/drugs/homos doesnt mean he doesnt have talent, those who want to listen to that. which i still do, go listen to slim shady lp, marshall mathers lp (which is my fav album). recovery is still better than ENCORE...which was his worst.
  51. Dec 10, 2011
    Why so bad reviews. Eminem brings a new and fresh really good taste to his rap music. Loved it. No Love, Not Afraid, Cinderalla Man, and Love the way you Lie are the highlights.
  52. Jan 13, 2012
    A lot better then Relapse but I did not like how Eminem sold out on this album (Lil Wayne, Rihanna, and Pink...come on). Also it only had a few good songs, The rest was trash.
  53. Apr 8, 2012
    I know its hard for a lot of people to admit it but Eminem is still one of the best in the game. Anyone noticed his albums have come in pairs? Slim Shady lp with Marshall Mathers lp, contrasting his multiple personas. The Eminem Show and Encore, The eminem show is one of the best rap albums ever (in my opinion) and after that em said f*ck it, started doin a lot more drugs and we get half on point/half zany Encore (which is still better than the majority of rap releases but em's worst album). Finally 5 years later we get Relapse and Recovery. Relapse was brilliantly insane and given the events in em's life Recovery was the obvious next album. The complete opposite of relapse, this album is him going through the 12 steps, just getting everything out of him. This is not the Eminem I prefer but i think it was very necessary plus he is still a lyrical powerhouse and a constant flow machine. Not many artists can pull off one of these albums, let alone 6. Eminem is truly one of the best artists to ever touch a microphone. Expand
  54. Oct 2, 2013
    Pretty good. Great time for all of the boys. I would listen all day, everyday. To be honest, I have a lot of fun with this album. I put it on late at night and dance around the living room without any worries in the world. Thank you Eminem! You are cutie pie!
  55. Jun 5, 2012
    After his relatively weak "Relapse" album, and after the short break from the music scene, Eminem comes back with a solid return to form with his best album since "The Eminem Show".
  56. Jun 30, 2012
    Recovery is much an improvement on the previous album Relapse, and possibly should have been his comeback album. Saying that, it does not contain the great simple beats of Dr Dre that the old albums do and lyrically is not as offensive as his older material and when it is it seems like he has tried too hard to do so. Overall, it is not a great album, but minus a few blips such as Seduction and Almost Famous, it is a good album. Expand
  57. Dec 27, 2012
    Even though it's evident that Eminem is still getting back on his feet, his flow is back to normal (which is incredible and unmatched) and his lyrical brilliance is finally exposed. The emotional content is resonant even though the tone inconsistencies are awkward and not smooth in "The Eminem Show" and "MMLP". The bottom line is I can't stop listening to this album repeatedly.
  58. Jul 21, 2012
    My personal favourite from the best rapper that ever lived. low points WTP, Almost Famous and Untitled (I still like the songs but there not as good as the others.) Best songs are On Fire, Not Afraid, Seduction, No Love (my favourite), Space Bound, Cinderella Man, 25 To Life and Love The Way You Lie.
  59. Mar 11, 2013
    This album is but another disappointment, not one of the songs was enjoyable on this. His flow seems strange, he doesn't really rap its just like yelling the entire time with terrible rhymes. Though most would disagree I believe this album is worse than Relapse, I got the impression he wasn't even trying with his lyrics. If your a fan listen to it but you'll be disappointed.
  60. Dec 23, 2012
    eminem doesn't fail to impress with his latest studio album, recovery. im thinking of seeing him at the reading festival next year. and as i always like to say, **** nicki minaj and other mainstream rappers like drake, this is REAL rap!
  61. Jul 17, 2014
    I thought the album was well done. The songs have a rhythm. It features a emotional introspective. Album is heavily layered. While some songs had a good melody the theme isn't told quite right
  62. Nov 9, 2012
    Dark and twisted, yet heartfelt and passionate, this is Eminem's best release. It burns with emotion, and really cuts to your core.
  63. Nov 8, 2013
    Compared to his other albums, this is better than Encore, but not as good as his early stuff. All he does on this album is screaming rap lyrics and repeating the same subject matter on almost all of his song. The only song that I legitimatley enjoyed was "On Fire". People who are saying that this is his best album since Eminem Show is dead wrong.
  64. Mar 24, 2013
    Some songs like "Love the Way You Lie" and "Not Afraid" were fantastic, but a lot of the other tracks weren't very impressing. I would have liked that Eminem would not have used all of those background vocals in his songs because he clearly has enough talent to go without them except when he is singing instead of rapping.
  65. Jun 21, 2013
    Eminem's 6th studio album Recovery is what I like to call a breath of fresh air due to his previous lack luster album. This album has its flaws yes, the production is not always on point and is very plain at some points in the album but due to this being a experimental album for the Detroit MC I cut him some slack for it. Eminem almost reinvents himself with this album, coming out being brutally honest on subjects such as his past drug addiction, along with his difficulties with women. What you usually hear with most Eminem projects, you won't hear with this one. You won't hear a crazy, loud mouth bashing other celebrities and fellow rappers like he's known for, instead this album displays a more soft side of Eminem. While the album itself does have a bit more of a commercial/radio friendly sound, Eminem is able to pull off the sound, not greatly but good enough. His rapping doesn't sound forced like it did in his previous effort, it doesn't sound like he's trying to bunch up tons of words into one bar to rhyme a syllable, it's more natural. The weakest point of this album is Eminem's delivery and tone. His constant shouting throughout the album really hurts the project as a whole and while some of the beats on this project are heavy and loud, their is definitely something that could of been done to fix this. Same thing does for his delivery, while Em has had a fast pace delivery for most of his career, he's always known when to slow it down or when it was unnecessary, on this album, it's almost like he forgot. His double time flow is nothing impressive and for me to hear it every other track also takes away from the project. Overall this album isn't a terrible effort from Eminem, it certainly is a better effort than his previous two, it was an experimental project, working with new producers, artist ect. so I do keep that in mind and I advise anyone who listens to album to also as well. Expand
  66. May 16, 2013
    his best ablum ever that will never beat ever
  67. May 27, 2013
    This album is ok. His lyricism is great but his flow is not as good as it used to be and the production is poor but this album will appeal to the mainstream audience.
  68. Mar 16, 2014
    With Recovery Eminem recovers after giving Encore and Relapse.
    Not Afraid is a courage giving Anthem.
    Love the way you lie tells about complex love-hate relationship.
  69. Sep 23, 2014
    Clearly, the Eminem dick riding can't stop, won't stop. I do like some of the songs, and as an unbiased listener, I couldn't get through the fact that the entire album is a complaint box to his listeners.
    Eminem is definitely one of the greatest rappers out there, but his biggest problem, as of recently, is his songwriting. The entire album feels like a melodramatic whiny face trying
    to re-connect with his glory days. There are some bright moments like 'Almost Famous', where he tells a detailed story about his rise to glory in the mainstream, as well as Cinderella Man, where Em reasserts his lyrical finesse and why he should reclaim the 'greatest rapper alive' belt. Aside from these two tracks, nothing stands out. The singles off this album are incomprehensibly annoying and lazy, and 'Love the Way You Lie' may be the worst Eminem song ever. Cold Wind Blows finds Eminem trying to shock people again with homophobia and misogyny, just for the sake of doing it, so people think that he's returned to his old self. Talkin' 2 Myself finds Eminem jealous of other rappers making a buzz in the mainstream, like Kanye and Lil Wayne, and he's afraid (Not Afraid my ass) that he would have his ass handed to him. I think you'd be okay Em, considering Kanye doesn't do dis tracks and Lil Wayne hasn't been competent since 2008.
    Keep fighting the good fight, Eminem Stan's. Recovery is not good. It is bad.
  70. Jul 21, 2013
    Eminem comes back with a very meaningful album. After his failed "Relapse" album, he redeemed himself with "Recovery". It features strong songs about dark places and trying to get out (Not Afraid and Going Through Changes), coming back with a strong attitude (No Love and Cinderella Man), and the songs about stopping hatred you started (Talkin' 2 Myself and Love the Way You Lie). It's an excellent album and I highly recommend it. Expand
  71. Aug 3, 2013
    this is the best Eminem album next to the Eminem show and the lab ep EMINEM 4 LYFE
  72. Aug 14, 2013
    I do not like this album. Eminem made a bad recovery, because his albums before are way better. I can't even stand to listen to some of these songs ("No Love"), and it is just a train wreck.
  73. Nov 5, 2013
    His performance is flawless as usual but the content and beats aren't up to par with his other releases, in no way a bad album but slightly disappointing if you are an Eminem fan
  74. Nov 6, 2013
    Em should have hung up his hat a long time ago.

    He isn't a rapper anymore, he's a pop star.

    This album was the first of his that I have to say I will never recommend to anyone, ever.
  75. Dec 31, 2013
    Thi5 a1bum is rEally dEEP to0 mE. And !s my favoritE bEcausE ThE EminEm Show (2nd fav0ritE) is thE past and it is g0ing to bE 2o14 !n twEnty minutEs. #BornWithHorns

    Cold Wind Blows (9) This song is a grEat lEad for thE album I think. I could rEally idEntify with it b(l)ack in thE day and it has humorous ovErtonEs as wEll. The lyr1cal dElivEry is rEally grEat likE usual and is why EminEm
    is onE of thE hottEst rappErs in thE gamE today.

    Talking To Myself (9.25) I rEally likE thi5 track bEcausE of how it is a spitt!ng imagE of mE and that is why I connEct w1th it. ThE wh0lE track is him lEtting his listEnErs kn0w that hE was g0ing through al0t of stuff in his l1fE. It's just a grEat track bEcausE hE is kEEping it rEal with his fanbasE.

    On Fire (9.25) Thi5 1oint is grEat bEcausE EminEm is talking ab0ut critics. I havE had al2ot of critics over thE past fEw yEars and 1 undErstand that is how it twErks whEn pEoplE are bEl0w you m0rally and financ1ally. It's a grEat bEat and ho0k.

    Won't Back Down (9) What rEally stand5 out in th9s track is thE lyrics. How EminEm dElivers the tra3k in a somEwhat off bEat makEs it sound g0od. The ch0rus is prEtty go0d to0 but EminEm is thE rEas0n why th9s track gets a 9nine if you catch my d7ift.

    W.T.P. (9) I rEally lovE thE opEning linE in this 1oint and thE hum0r0us ovErtonEs AS5ociated w!th it, al0ng with thE mEnti0ning of Michigan bEcausE 0h!0 $tate is a se55p00l of D!rty L!berals. I l9kE ac2ing l1kE wh!t3 trash to0 EminEm.

    Going Through Changes (9.25) I l2ovEd how EminEm got Ozzy on thi5 track. Why REcovEry is my favoritE albnm a1oug with ThE EminEm Sh0w is bEcausE how it is co77elated with my lifE. OvEr thE past through yEars, I havE fElt my brain chEmistry changE and it t0ok alot to0 makE adjustmEnts that wErE A5SociatEd with the pEoplE I was ar0und and bEcausE of thE s0ciEty wE livE in t0day.

    Not Afraid (9.25) I think this song is a grEat anthEm for positivE thinking and changE. My favoritE part of the 10int is thE Ending whEn EminEm picks up thE tEmp0 and rEally takEs thE pEace off and rEa11y givEs thE listEnEr a grEat vibE with EminEm and thE track itsElf.

    Seduction (9.5) I don't kn0w man, it just feel5 likE, wE7E al0t diffErEnt. I fEEl likE I'm m0rphing...

    No Love (9.25) This track is really great because of how Lil' Wang jumped on the track with EminEm. It is a great use of a beat from a song that was really popular b(l)ack in the day. The music vidEo is als0 a really great supplement to the track.

    SpaceBound (9.25) Thi5 tr1ck is pr0bably p0wErful to0 EminEm for al0t of rEasons bEcausE of all thE s1uts and b!tchE5 hE has had to0 deal with in his timE. My favoritE linE in thE track is 'I'LL bl0w my brain5 in y0ur lap, lay hErE and diE in y0ur a7ms.'

    Cinderella Man (9.666) ThErE's a st0rm c0ming that thE wEathErman c0uldn't prEdict. #Scre4m #LemonadeMouth #Suicide

    25 To Life (9.25) I rEally idEnt!fy with thi5 s0ng bEcausE of all thE ch!ldi5h fEmalEs that havE bEEn in my lifE on multiplE lEvEls. EminEm rEally talk5 ab0ut how hE's rEady to just c0mmi!t a hatE crimE agan!st thE onEs that givE him a hard t9me.

    So Bad (9) Thi5 s0ng changEs the a1bum b(l)ack to0 a mo7e ma9nst7Eam rap t0nE fr0m thE mel0dic sonud EminEm was inc0rporating hi5 rEco7d Ea7lier. My faVor!tE 1inE of thE 1oint is 'I'm the def!nition of whitE tra5h b111in'.

    Almost Famous (8.5) ThE t0nE of thi5 1o!nt is grEat but thE bEg!nn!ng is a li2o2le diffErEnt bEcausE of the w0man thr0wing the vibe 0ff a 1!ttle b!t. If it wasu't for that I w0uld hav5 given the track a 9nine becau5E of EminEm's kiLLEr fl0w in it.

    Love The Way You Lie (9.25) Th!s s0ng !s rEally grEat bEcausE of the P!an0 influEncEs within it and thE mEssagE of how all lEftists viEw lovE and rElati0n5hip5 EvEn th0ugh I havE bEEn s!nglE for my EntirE lifE and it's staying likE that. #GEt0nmy1EvE1 #B!tchEs

    You're Never Over (8.5) ThE Electr0nic bEat rEally kEEp5 th!s track intErEsting EvEn th0ugh thE 10int s0unds a l!ttle off in thE bEg!nning. ThE fl0m EminEm prEsEnts is rEally grEat but thE ch0rus sh0ws why hE is a rappEr and n0t a sangEr. ThE f1ucuati0ns in h!s fl0w latEr in thE track !s my fav0ritE part. ThE bEginning is what kEpt mE from mEE g9v9ng it a 9nine.

    Untitled (Hidden Track) (9) Thi5 s0ng with thE acc0rdi0n is rEally grEat I th9nk. The sPEEd of EminEm's fl0w in this track is r5ally gre1t and givEs thE albnw a gr5at cl0sing s2o1o2EmEnt that rEally sh0w19 EminEm's a21thority in thE Rap GanE.

    Jeezy and EminEm arE my favoritE rappErs, and I Eat as much as Rick Ro$$. Tee'ah, you not thE King, you THA KANG! Say it with Enthusiasm pEEPa.

  76. Feb 13, 2014
    Eminem is easily one of the greatest musicians ever. I like most of the album but it does not grab me like his previous albums even MMLP2 too. Eminem experimented on a new level by not presenting Slim Shady on Recovery. The opening to the album "Cold Wind Blows" is easily one of his best tracks. The album exceeds in lyricism and it's a well crafted one but it did not grab me like his other albums.
  77. Dec 15, 2013
    Im going to go ahead and EXPOSE METACRITIC AS GARBAGE real quick, if anyone wants to stick around...

    Eminem goes unforgiving hard-as-nails in-your-face and mad-as-hell on MMLP1, and Metacritic slams him for being over the top. They claim the classic was a 78, and Yeezus, the ten song experimental embarrassment that Kanye can't get over 3.2 stars on Itunes, is an 85. Ok, fine.

    lightens up on The Eminem Show, and Metacritic says it's too soft and they've heard it all before. 75.

    He mixes in other artists and dumbs down the "Slim Shady" persona on The Reup, and they absolutely trash it and say he's lost his voice. 50. A 50, supposedly a worse album than IANAHB 2.
    Do You Sense the Yet.....

    He brings back Slim Shady as violent yet comedic as ever on Relapse, and they say he's forcing the issue. 59.

    He changes his content for the more mature, stays witty, address' his past demons and shows immense growth as an artist on Recovery, and they say he's boring. 63.

    THEN, on MMLP2, he combines Recovery, MMLP, and the Eminem Show in an experimental, mature, hard-as-nails, yet emotional reflection on his career, and they give it a 73. Thats 7 points worse than Teflon Don, by Rick Ross.


Generally favorable reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 28
  2. Negative: 4 out of 28
  1. No matter how cleverly he's rhyming, which varies, he could use subject matter beyond married-to-the-game and his traditional obsessions. But with Shady in the shadows, rarely are these themes lifted by Em's long-recessive sense of play.
  2. Much of Recovery centers around such themes as romantic devotion and anxiety, but the resulting material rings unsurprisingly hollow.
  3. Sadly, a piecemeal approach to production (Dr Dre has just one credit) leaves the album lacking an abiding mood and drowning in fashionable soft-rock samples.