Red - Taylor Swift
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  1. Oct 22, 2012
    Taylor Swift is one of the Greatest songwriters of Our generation. I have listened to the whole album and this album actually has a more Country Rock feel to it rather than her usual Country Pop sound. This is the most mature album of her career and its worth every penny. I have to give Taylor credit for this album, she has grown and mastered the art of being a true artist. Taylor has a mix of Country, Pop, and Rock songs but that doesn't mean she's left her County roots. Songs like "Stay Stay Stay," "I Almost Do," and "Begin Again" remind us why Taylor is wining in the Country World right now. Expand
  2. Oct 22, 2012
    This is definitely the best mainstream album of the year. The songs are written remarkably well, and the sound is so different from what everyone else is putting out in the industry right now. This is my first time listening to a Taylor Swift record and I didn't expect it to be this great. She is an amazing songwriter at such a young age of 22. Taylor really made me a fan after listening to this album. Expand
  3. Oct 22, 2012
    Fantastic album, reminds me of a female contemporary Paul Simon meets Bob Dylan meets Springsteen with a touch of Alanis Morrisette but in a Taylor Swift way. No one can write music like this girl. She is a class act!!! I love this album already, been listening to it all day. It's a definite lasting artwork. And if you're feeling iffy that it's different let it grow on you because it is a masterpiece!!!! Expand
  4. Oct 22, 2012
    RED showcases the development of Taylor as a singer-songwriter, and almost every song in this album can be a great single. My personal favorite songs are "22", "I Almost Do" and "Everything Has Changed", along with the first four promotional singles. This is also a step closer for her to harvest a bunch of awards at the next Grammy !
  5. Oct 22, 2012
    Red is more than a color on this album, represents so many different emotions. Different styles, different lyrics. This album is so mature than the other stuff that Taylor wrote before. I don't care if she has dance songs like "we are never...". For me, this is RED.
  6. Oct 23, 2012
    Taylor always will be a great singer, doesn't matter if she is singing country or pop, her voice is so amazing and the lyrics are great, haters gonna hate...
  7. Oct 23, 2012
    I think this is Taylor's finest moment. Her music has matured in the works of something absolutely wonderful. People say she has changed, I just think she has grown up and expressing her talent throughout different genres such as: alternative rock, pop rock, and even dupstep. It's a pretty fantastic albums if you ask me. Why this has a 3.9 on the User score, I have no clue. But, most people are just mad because she isn't the sweet little country girl anymore. She has grown up and I think we should all respect her for her talent. Expand
  8. Oct 23, 2012
    Red is a visual album that aims to make its listeners dance. I like the new direction of the album and Taylor's grown-up voice. The collaborations are also good.
  9. Oct 24, 2012
    This is possibly the best album from Taylor. she brings different kind of genres into just one album and this property makes it memorable and great. I personally liked all of the songs but the most ones that i REALLY shocked by are ; Red, Treacherous, I Knew You Were Trouble, All Too Well, 22, The Last Time, Sad Beautiful Tragic & Begin Again
  10. Oct 25, 2012
    I just think the Britney Spears fans should stop with this unnecessary repression and stop to give low grades to the disc, which is perfect for a sign and go buy the Femme Fatale, because the album needs to give a big up in sales.
  11. Dec 21, 2013
    Such an outstanding album, showcases Swift's natural talent in songwriting. Her dabbling in different genres from pure country, to synth-pop, and to dubstep not only shows her versatility as an artist, but it seems almost daring and brave. Her progression in songwriting is evident in beautifully-crafted pieces such as Treacherous and Begin Again; and then in All Too Well, she unleashes her best-ever lyrics yet: "You call me up again just to break me like a promise/So casually cruel in the name of being honest". As a listener, one minute you're there crying in heart-break, and then suddenly, you're there dancing along to fast-tempo anthems like 22 and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. No matter what people say about the album in a positive or critical way figures never lie Red sold 1.2 million copies in its debut week, a feat achieved by less than a handful in music history. The commercial success is a testament of Swift's incredible talent. Red is sure to keep fans just as excited for her next album. Expand
  12. Oct 29, 2012
    Left me speechless. I've been a swifty for a long time now. Well, there is no way anyone could compare "Red" to any of Taylor's previous albums (Speak Now, Fearless..) Because on this one, she tried to change her style a bit which should not be received negatively! She was just trying to spread her wings musically and I'm a huge fan of her courage. Red may not be as lyrically strong as its predecessors, but it's still so Goddamn good and people love it! I personally do. I Salute Taylor for doing such a flawless album. I salute her and I appreciate this new astonishment.. It's sexy, fun and beautifully-done ! Cheers ! Expand
  13. Dec 14, 2012
    Taylor Swift may not have a great voice, however she is a good singer and especially a very good songwriter. This is, without any doubt the best Taylor's album till date. We find in some beautiful romantic songs the talent for the lyrics like in "All Too Well", "Begin Again" and "I Almost Do". But we can find too, some very powerful pop songs like "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "22". Taylor is very much pop and I don't think that's a bad thing, her style is country pop and she do it very well. And to finish, this is absolutely the most mature Taylor's album ever. Expand
  14. Nov 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great effort and full of surprise! Heart-touching country ballad - like I ALMOST DO and BEGIN AGAIN; The song with the best lyrics (descriptive/narrative) - like ALL TOO WELL; Funny country song - like STAY STAY STAY; Best country-pop stuff (a good combination of Country music and Pop/Rock music) - like RED; Good Duet - like EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED; Surprising breakthrough - like I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE and WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER. Expand
  15. Nov 5, 2012
    I think Red is Taylor's most entertaining album by far. Many people accused Taylor of sounding the same for her past albums, now I think they can't say the same. She has definitely branched out a lot musically. Experimenting with dubstep, playing with pop, indie and rock, it is basically a buffet of genre choices and there is something inside that could appeal to each person. Not only did she improve sonically, her lyrics and songwriting has grown sharper than ever. "Treacherous", "All Too Well" are great examples how Taylor has shown growth and maturity in her writing, evoking feelings that few can do with words in a song. Some may criticise her going into pop, but I think her pop songs are more brilliant than most you hear on radio. "22", despite sounding like a brainless pop piece meant for dancing round the bedroom at the surface, it actually conveys the confusing emotions young adults have and I don't think you can easily find a mainstream pop song with such lyrical detail. Even if this album may not be her best album, I think it bodes for more better things to come, hopefully refining her sound yet still keeping her versatility . Who knows, she may be the next Joni Mitchell. Expand
  16. Oct 27, 2012
    I'm a hugeeee Taylor Swift's fan. I love all her work, this album is spectacular and have some of the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard such as 'All Too Well' and "Come Back... Be Here". This album is such a huge risk for Taylor, she's so perfectionist and it shows, this is a five stars album. Thank you Taylor.
  17. Oct 28, 2012
    I wasn't sold at first and was a bit confused by the randomness of style from track to track. But somehow this album grew on me. After listening to it a couple times there's a coherence to the story she's telling here. I would like to see her ditch Max Martin though... She shines much brighter when her songs are her own. I like it. And I'm not usually drawn to sugary pop, and will be much happier listening to the likes of Bon Iver, but there's something in Taylor's music that holds me captivated. Expand
  18. Oct 31, 2012
    This is an entirely new ground for us Swifties. It's more pop than usual and some of the fans won't be happy, but for me it's an album I won't soon forget. Listening to it makes me remember sad moments, makes me feel like dancing, and feel happy. I was smiling the whole time listening to it. Once again she proves her prowess at writing songs.
  19. Feb 27, 2013
    Album of the year!
    RED includes two or three weak songs, BUT there's 14 Amazing songs in there!
    State of grace, I almost do, All too well.... This album was absolutely one of the best albums of the year
  20. Mar 19, 2013
    Speak Now showed that Taylor Swift was becoming one of the strongest songwriters in the business and Red takes her further along this journey. Red is is not as consistent as Speak Now, but the compensation for this is that the good tracks on Red are the best that Swift has ever written. All Too Well is her masterpiece, a strong ballad that tells an intricate story of a love that flames quickly and dies. State of Grace shows Swift getting experimental; many reviewers have compared this song to U2 and the driving drum beat and strong lyrics make it a standout (also check out the acoustic version on the deluxe album simply gorgeous). Treacherous is probably as sensual as Swift is ever going to get in a song; she sings about being enthralled by a lover over warm-sounding guitar strings. Holy Ground rocks and is probably the happiest break-up song you're ever likely to hear.

    These are the songs that are instantly infectious, but there are many other tracks that grow on you over time. I Almost Do, Sad Beautiful Tragic and Begin Again are filled with emotion and Stay Stay Stay and Starlight never fail to raise a smile.

    Like any still-young artist should, Swift tries out many musical styles on Red, seeing what fits. The three pop Max Martin singles that have been released are misleading they're Swift's only forays into pure pop. They work well enough at lightening up the album at the right moments (We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together seems smarter when paired with I Almost Do the two songs explore different reactions to the same problem) but they're not representative of the whole album at all. The rest of Red contains a mix of rock, acoustic/folk and country. If you appreciate a strong melody, good instrumentals and old-fashioned songwriting that tells three minute stories with each song, you'll find so much to enjoy about Red.
  21. Dec 14, 2012
    Taylor Swift has showed with this album that she is a musical force that is here to stay. Her ability to capture her state of mind at a particular moment, match it with an insanely catchy melody and then allow listeners a glimpse of it while not being overly navel gazing or overly introspective is unmatched.

    Say what you will, her ability to churn out solid songs with frightening
    dependability will see her in good stead for years to come and ensure that she does not remain a footnote in music history.

    Those who decry her seemingly immature subject matter don't get it. Taylor is the consummate truth-teller in her songs. She does not put on a false persona or fake a situation in order for emo points. She tells her life in her lyrics and allows her listeners in on her private inner thought-life.
  22. Oct 28, 2012
    Mudafans recalcados pq perderão o recorde. Bjos sabor milho. Adeus
  23. Oct 28, 2012
    O Album é Otimo,Só falta msm o Feat com a Sely mais...Prefiro a taylor Pop do que country ,vendeu muuuito amooo isso é ótimo pois cantora que n vende n é nada -n
  24. Nov 30, 2012
    1. State of grace, the first music on Red return to us a good beat, but isn't the best music 7/10. 2. Red, the music album title is the one of three best music on 'Red' 10/10. 3. Treacherous is a calm music, relaxed, good but it's not good like Red or I Knew You Were Trouble 7/10. 4. I knew you were trouble is the first music by Taylor Swift that mix country and dupstep, Taylor is the first artist to do it and I knew you were trouble is the best music on album Red 10/10. 5. All too well has passed for us the characteristic by Taylor 8/10. 6. 22 is the pop music on Red, Taylor knows how do a pop music like 22 9/10. 7. I almost do is, like All too well, the music by Taylor, own Taylor, like the music by Fearlss 8/10. 8. We are never ever getting back together is a good music. But Taylor can do more than Never Ever. Taylor has enchanted world with Never Ever 10/10. 9. Stay Stay Stay is more country music on Red 8/10. 10. The last time ft. Gary Lightbody is a different music, so good 10/10. 11. Holy Ground is the worst music on Red 6/10. 12. Sad beautiful tragic could have a BIG remix, it's so sad 6/10. 13. The lucky one is like Taylor's lucky number, but I think this music could be better the another on Red 7/10. 14. Everything has changed ft. Ed Sheeran is, with I knew you were trouble, the best music on Red, Ed Sheeran helped with a lot of success 10/10. 15. Starlight, I don't like this music 6/10. 16. Begin Again has a PERFECT clip, Taylor knew how to make it, in Paris 10/10... Expand
  25. Nov 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. People just don;t understand Taylor. Taylor deserves to be able to do whatever the hell she wants with her music, but she also knows it can't be dumb, trashy pop. With Red, Taylor shows us how versatile she really is. This album is Taylor at her most mature. Especially in State Of Grace, where Taylor sings about sex for the first time in her career. Max Martin helps her write some amazingly catchy songs and produces some awesome beats that still contain a country influence. 22 is probably the catchiest moment in the whole album and her most blatantly straightforward pop song ever. But there's more to Red, she still comes back to her roots in songs like the colorful (ahem.) Red, the marvelously written (and best lyrical moment) All Too Well, and the adorkable Stay Stay Stay. So, Taylor is not trying to be like everybody else because as far as her lyrics show, she's very unique and genuine. She also doesn't just experiment with arena rock-esque, dubstep, and dance-pop genres, but she has a more ethereal sound in The Last Time and a bit of a folk hip hop beat in Everything Has Changed. Also, there are some big similarities between the work on Some Nights by Fun. and the tracks Holy Ground and The Lucky One, which were so amazingly produced by Jeff Bhasker who pretty much produced all of Some Nights by Fun. Throughout the whole album, Taylor's lyrics are strong and effective and she really is the best songwriter of her generation. She also may not have the most soulful voice in the history of music, but she can get past two octaves pretty easily. But when lyrics are this good, who cares? Overall, Red is amazing. Her best album to date, for sure. HIGHLIGHTS: State Of Grace, I Knew You Were Trouble, All Too Well, 22, The Last Time, Holy Ground
    SONGS THAT ARE TO BE SKIPPED: Sad Beautiful Tragic
  26. Nov 15, 2012
    Red is a magnificently stunning album. The reviews on here are unusually low, but the album is most definitely not a disappointment in any way. It delivers on so many grounds that it's competing for one of the best albums in recent years on my list.
    *Best Song on the Album: The Last Time (feat. Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol)
    *Standouts: I Knew You Were Trouble., 22, Holy Ground, Sad
    Beautiful Tragic, Everything Has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran), We Are Never Getting Back Together, Red, Begin Again Expand
  27. Nov 16, 2012
    I love how Taylor Swift step out from her comfort zone and experimented other genres. She delivered catchy and sure-to-be-hit pop songs and at the same time beautiful classic country tracks. But for me, although Red is another excellent album from Taylor Swift, Speak Now remains her best album.
  28. Nov 19, 2012
    this was a really good listen, and I am actually going to buy this album and then make sure I listen to her past albums as well because I
  29. Nov 26, 2012
    This album combines her best side of the country, with a touch of dub-step and pop, it makes this record so beautiful from the artwork, to the lyrics, HER BEST ALBUM!, I didn't like Taylor Swift, until I heard this, the vocals, the essence, the sound, the lyrics, makes this Album PERFECT!
  30. Nov 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Taylor Swift explores all the edges of music, and with this album, she's done it again, Red is one, if not the best album that I've heard in my entire life. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. Jan 23, 2013
    Hearing Taylor Swift sing makes you remember these things, how you can wax poetic one day about the efficacy of love to change lives permanently for the better, and the next rail about how love leads only to pain and heartache.
  2. I like the feisty ones, as I generally do. But "Begin Again" and especially "Stay Stay Stay" stay happy and hit just as hard.
  3. Oct 31, 2012
    More varied in its offerings, but also more disjointed than her previous work, Red sounds like a transitional album for Swift.