Replica Sun Machine

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  1. sandlines
    Jun 8, 2009
    Forgive them (Pitchfork) as sometimes they know not of what they speak. For a while last year this was in VERY heavy rotation. it's slipped off there now, but there are some sublime musical moments on this psychadelic romp - the cover paints a good picture of the kaleidoscopic sounds inside. Give it a try with an open mind - you may just find that Pitchfork were talking out of their.

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  1. If anything, though, what Replica Sun Machine calls to mind is a previous attempt to meld aesthetics from about ten years back, the Beta Band's "Hot Shots II"--it's not a question of exact similarity by any means, but there's a similarly easygoing feel in the arrangements and the beats, something that invites drift and a steady crunch in equal measure.
  2. It’s definitely not album of the year (nor would it have nabbed that distinction in 2007 when it was actually released on the other side of the Atlantic), but the Shortwave Set bring just enough innovation with them to make this 45 minute disc worth your while.
  3. If anything, it’s the failure to rise above its component parts and create a unique and recognizable sound that keeps Replica Sun Machine from being the breakthrough album this promising trio deserves.