Return Of The Mac - Prodigy [of Mobb Deep]
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  • Summary: This solo release (somewhere between a mixtape and a true album) for the Mobb Deep rapper was produced by the Alchemist.
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  1. What it is is the announcement of a stunning and unexpected late-career renaissance; Prodigy is tapping back into the fearsome frustration that once drove him.
  2. The main draw here is in Prodigy rediscovering his way with words.
  3. Even if this is familiar ground, an album so tight in theme and feel is refreshing in an era where most lyricists invite anybody and everybody.
  4. 70
    There are crackles of life in his leaden thug poetry. [Apr 2007, p.128]
  5. Mixtapes can be sloppy and scattered, but every Alchemist beat on Return of the Mac works - so well, in fact, that with a little more effort, this could have been an actual album worthy of heavy promotion and radio edits.
  6. 70
    [A] ceaselessly grim set. [Apr 2007, p.118]
  7. Return of the Mac presents a more refined and progressive Prodigy than the one we heard on Blood Money, but there’s no indication that Hell on Earth‘s Prodigy will be heard from anytime soon.

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  1. NateL
    May 1, 2007
    Modern hip-hop's tales of gangsters and gunplay have recently saturated the rap scene. Many times with dissapointing results. However, the veteran MC, and Mobb Deep capo, Prodigy, and and the equally legendary producer Alchemist make the most of old soul samples and bragadocious gangster talk. Collapse
  2. mikes.
    May 8, 2007
    a good old school album. Prodigy and the mc do a good job providing a nostalgia mood.