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  1. Mar 28, 2013
    Hard-hitting drum rolls, reverb and hooky guitar refrains are all over the album, so it’s a shame that it still grows stale by the end.
  2. Mar 27, 2013
    As an album, Ride Your Heart seems less like a collection of songs and more like a collection of expertly selected Tumblr-ready rock ‘n’ roll signifiers.
  3. Mar 27, 2013
    Drenched in fuzzy guitars, '60s girl-group melodies and a dash of light punk (closer "When I Was Yours" blends all three), it has plenty of sticky hooks and sing-along choruses.
  4. Apr 3, 2013
    Bleached have discovered that they have a canny knack for inoffensive rhythms, melodies and harmonies which will immediately appeal. But where this record needed to provide an abrasive counterpoint in the lyrics, they’re more sickly sweet than the music.
  5. Apr 1, 2013
    Perhaps this a record that works better under the summer sun, but right now Ride Your Heart doesn’t sound much more than a showcase for surfy style and lo-fi charm.
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  1. May 19, 2013
    Bleached with their first album bring us West-Coast Surf-Punk Girl-Group Pop music. These two sisters with twelve sisters don’t exactly bringBleached with their first album bring us West-Coast Surf-Punk Girl-Group Pop music. These two sisters with twelve sisters don’t exactly bring us originality, but what they so is sun-soaked ’60′s aural fun. The first two songs though can put you off from the rest of the album. These songs are probably the weakest on the album as they feel uninspired, they sound similar to Aussie surf-punkers Bleeding Knees Club but just less catchy.

    “Outta My Mind” is where the album picks up its first wave a carries on surfing the tube for the remainder of the album. The song is strong and catchy but it isn’t in your face obvious. It’s a nice jingle jangle on the guitars and you can really feel the 60′s vibe in this song. I’d expect a video to be a California montage. In fact, it sort of sums of the album’s cover, and this would be a great opening track, it’s a shame it isn’t as it would plummet you straight into a warm sea where you will happily stay for the rest of the album.

    “Dead In Your Head” and “Dreaming Without You” continue the fun, but the former seems a bit underwhelming until we reach the chorus. The chorus feels very 90′s to me, and it’s good that the band can jump around there sound without being to alienated They feel grounded, but with colour.

    “Waiting By The Telephone” along with “Dead Boy” later in the album, are the stand-out tracks for me. It begins with a light and catchy guitar riff, but then in the second half of this sub two minute affair it gets heavier and I just wish they would extend this punkier feel. The vocals work really well on this song, utilising both members talents.

    You could say that the next three songs wear thin on ideas, but whilst yes they do have that feel, I think that the vocals and the energy that the group channel keeps them going, and keeps me listening. I’m not annoyed by these songs, the are perfectly pleasant but don’t make me go “Yeah, this is great!”, but I wasn’t expecting them to.

    “Dead Boy” begins with a dancy 1960′s vibe and the group just seem to seamlessly sink into this sound, and they do it well, like how Cults do it well. It’s produced well and even though the songs structure is the same formula throughout the album, it’s on this song along with “Waiting By The Telephone” that has two sides to it. Both are obvious but then grab you back and show you that they are not, but it takes time to get to, but when you get to it, it’s so good.

    “Guy Like You” is calm and refreshing, it isn’t a highlight, or a song I’ll go back to listen to again and again but it just sits well at the end of the album, it’s feels like a nice break before the album’s closer “When I Was Yours” which, I think closes the album off nicely. The girls could have ended it a track earlier, and that would have been fine. However with “When I Was Yours”, they bring you back to the overall sound of the album, and it sums up there sound along with “Outta My Mind”.

    Overall, Bleached give us a good solid fun album, and if you look past the first two tracks, it makes for an album to go back to.
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