River of Souls - Magic Trick
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  • Summary: The third release for Tim Cohen's solo project includes vocals from Alicia Vanden Heuvel and Noelle Cahill.
  • Record Label: Empty Cellar Records
  • Genre(s): Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Indie Folk
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  1. Positive: 3 out of 4
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  1. Jan 23, 2014
    Sonically these songs are crafted out of beautifully thin, translucent textures that brush over one another to create half hues and harmonies. And lyrically, too, they pile evocative, not definitive, images one on top of the other, until a song can encompass two diametrically opposed ideas without any tension at all.
  2. Jan 23, 2014
    River of Souls finds a way to economically say everything the artist needs to say, touching on myriad ideas and styles, wasting no words, and making it look so easy.
  3. Jan 23, 2014
    The songs become repetitive, and though the harmonies are well-crafted and the melodies are lovely, there aren’t enough moments that demand attention. After a while, all the sounds on River of Souls run together, a little bland and verging on formless.
  4. Jan 23, 2014
    Unfortunately, the bright spots are weighed down by fodder that would fill the troughs of many, but coming from Cohen feel perfunctory at best.