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  • Summary: The Austin, Texas group known more for its live performances releases its third album.
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  1. Positive: 7 out of 14
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  1. 90
    Beside their standalone sharp sensationalism, 'Heavy Heart' and 'The Band Marches On' breast a melodic acuity that begs to be ripped and shredded into anthemic dancefloor permutations.
  2. Old electro sounds and disco-era strings might hint at camp, but not for long; Ghostland Observatory hits too hard.
  3. Robotique Majestique is compelling and eminently danceable, and it has as much visceral kick as cerebral appeal for the indie dance kids who demand both.
  4. Despite the missteps, well over half of Robotique Majestique is terrifically entertaining; it just seems like the hit-to-miss ratio could have been so much higher without much more effort.
  5. Robotique Majestique, the latest from Austin electro-rock weirdo outfit Ghostland Observatory, is a good EP trapped inside a mediocre album.
  6. The magnetic pulse holds everything together until Ghostland Observatory try to mess with the formula.
  7. Like hearing DLR's lonely voice doing its best in the absence of accompaniment, most of Robotique is just sort of depressing.

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