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  • Summary: The debut full-length album for the singer was produced by Steve Albini.
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  1. Rossi has worked well with producer Steve Albini to clean up the tracks, and pick up the pace, making them sparse and wonderful, like intricate machines.
  2. Behind the whimsy she defies her own frailty. She stays on the move, with uncertainty wherever she alights.
  3. Perhaps most enjoyable of all is that there's something remarkably personable about this album, as though Anni Rossi is right there in the room with you, singing her heart out about beekeeping in the Himalayas, her love for freezer units, and the troubles of driving to the west coast with no air conditioning.
  4. Her songs together paint a picture of a forthright, plangent character who, like Frida Hyvonen, mines experience for universe-level significance.
  5. Rockwell is a promising debut, and she’ll be wise to stick to the road less traveled on future excursions.
  6. 60
    The music is fresh and rather hypnotizing.
  7. File under: ‘shoulda put a donk on it’.

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