Room Noises - Eisley
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  • Summary: This is the debut album for the Texas teenage home-schooled Christian indie-rock band made up of three DuPree sisters, one DuPree brother, and the other guy, who already have two EPs and a tour supporting Coldplay under their belts.
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  1. Noises charms with refreshing indie-flavored pop-rock fare. [11 Feb 2005, p.63]
  2. The spine of nearly every one of their grainy black songs glows with a luminous vocal melody.
  3. Their darkly whimsical music has ties to the sweetly strange work of '90s groups like the Sundays, Sixpence None the Richer, and (especially) Belly, but there simply aren't many bands that sound like Eisley around in the 2000s.
  4. The drawback is a lack of diversity which keeps those sunny, delicious moments from having the impact they should.
  5. Eisley has developed its own unique, almost anti-populist sound, and a healthy, inquisitive sensitivity, to boot.
  6. 60
    There's a surefootedness and subtlety here to shame many elders. [Mar 2005, p.139]
  7. Room Noises is the perfect escape for girls who've outgrown their My Little Ponies but aren't quite prepared for more adult outlets of expression, and that of course is its downfall.

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