Rooty - Basement Jaxx
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  • Summary: The follow-up to the Jaxx' critically-acclaimed 1999 debut album, 'Remedy,' 'Rooty' finds the British house duo adding to the party vibe with elements of pop and R&B thrown into the mix. The lead single is "Romeo."
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  1. Rooty is the second straight triumph from a pair of producer/DJs who look set to carry the torch for dancefloor electronica in the years to come.
  2. But sound for sound's sake isn't what makes the disc work; it's the recurring female singers, who add forlorn soul to the rhythms.
  3. Rooty revels in exploiting rhythmic combinations that shouldn't work--but definitely do.
  4. On Rooty, Basement Jaxx refines the ambitious but untidy sprawl of its debut into a carnivalesque mix of two-step, house, funk, and disco with a modern take on George Clinton's late-seventies mission of "rescuing dance music from the blahs."
  5. 80
    Rooty boasts a raw, bustling edge and compulsive experimentalism closer in spirit to the hypersyncopated, R&B-flavored two-step garage currently ruling London clubland. [Jun/Jul 2001, p.104]
  6. The album misses the addictive funk of 'Red Alert', the off beat quirks of 'Yo Yo' and the engulfing production depth of 'Same Old Show'. But it's a powerful package and a proof that the Basement Jaxx have the confidence and vision to pursue their own path.
  7. A few fatal flaws eclipse all of Rooty's abundant qualities. Basement Jaxx have taken kitsch a few steps too far.

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