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  1. The ghost of Marvin hovers over debut by Digi-Soul merchant - sensuous dancefloor fodder with an evocative voice.
  2. There's more captivating electro-funk where that came from: his debut album is stuffed with it, some immediate enough to match Black and Gold's success.
  3. This is a daring, crisp modern soul album rich in ideas and star quality.
  4. The best part of Sparro is that he's not just multiplying old styles by new sounds. Dressed like a raver B-boy, switching between Rufus Wainwright and D'Angelo, the boy's not faking it.
  5. As good as he evidently is as an arranger for the modern pop market (props, too, for song-penning collaborators Paul Epworth and Anthony 'Eg' White)--lacks lyrical consistency: for every neat tongue twist guaranteed to have you mouthing the words back in the shower the next day, there's some truly atrocious couplet that's best forgotten before it's heard.
  6. A patchy affair which too often fails to transcend its blatant P-funk influences.
  7. It's a mixed bag certainly and while nothing else here scales the heights of the single that's made his name thus far, there are plenty of moments of pop confection steered with a degree of sophistication to suggest he's more than a one trick pony.
  8. There's a confidence obvious throughout that suggests Sparro will build on what is a strutting debut, even if at the moment he's a big voice with too many small songs to sing.
  9. While Hercules and Neon Neon took their dance nostalgia and turned it into something smart and new, Sam Sparro too often sounds like it's come straight out of an electro-funk generator--perfect reference points intact, but not developed or built upon or made unique.
  10. 60
    Often stunning, but arguably also a little too knowing and shallow. [Aug 2008, p.108]
  11. After a while the tracks all begin to sound the same, disco beat with Seal style R&B vocals, no bad thing but nothing much original and nothing to come close to the single 'Black And Gold.'
  12. So as things go along, the similar, recycled beats meld into one another with little to distinguish them.
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  1. Oct 11, 2010
    An assured if not flawless debut from electrofunk artist Sam Sparro. Of course, the single 'Black and Gold' is the highlight. A cut aboveAn assured if not flawless debut from electrofunk artist Sam Sparro. Of course, the single 'Black and Gold' is the highlight. A cut above everything else on the album it explores philosophy and makes you think before getting down and funky with the other tracks. 'Clingwrap' is a post-funkadelic anthem song complete with funky sounding backing vocal and 'Sally' is a splice of Soulful pop which is catchy and memorable. There are a few let downs '21st Century Life' is too poppy for it's own good. Sparro definetley has something whether it is discovered by the listener today or tomorrow. Full Review »