Saturnalia - The Gutter Twins
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  • Summary: The Afghan Whigs' Greg Dulli and Screaming Trees' Mark Lanegan team up on their debut album as The Gutter Twins.
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  1. Positive: 25 out of 28
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  1. Saturnalia revels in sin while occasionally contemplating salvation. Mesmerizing comes to mind.
  2. 86
    Dulli and Lanegan, two of today's greatest underappreciated frontmen, are hypnotic; narcotic. [Winter 2008, p.96]
  3. Repeated listens to this wonderful record reveals a wealth of musicality more prominent than perhaps anything either Dulli or Lanegan have been attached to yet.
  4. Saturnalia is mysticism and hedonism, saints and sinners, dark and light, but this is no clear-cut Manichaean collaboration. Both Lanegan and Dulli represent this, both contain all the good and the bad they sing about, sometimes at different moments but very often together, and it's that joined duality, that very disturbingly human quality, telling us things about ourselves we'd rather not acknowledge, that makes the album so absolutely alluring.
  5. Musically, Saturnalia, named after the Roman festival where slaves and masters switch roles, is a concentrated dose of their usual badassery, never straying too far from the territory Dulli explored on the last three Singers albums, and even includes many of the same collaborators.
  6. This is a lovingly crafted record which has the same misty fug and aura as The Soulsavers and Lanegan indulged in recently.
  7. They were probably aiming for hypnotic or dreamy, but except for the cinematic bookends 'The Stations' and 'Front Street,' the slow dances mostly crash-land in Snoresville

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