Generally favorable reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 15
  2. Negative: 1 out of 15
  1. May 24, 2013
    This is a fun record, one whose effusiveness only reveals itself slowly, with repeat listens opening up more and more emotional layers hovering beneath its sleepy atmosphere.
  2. Seabed is a luscious album that implores you to dive into the gorgeous depths of its sound and atmosphere.
  3. 80
    It may have taken Vondelpark awhile to hone their craft into an album, but the payoff is one of the more promising debuts of 2013.
  4. Apr 5, 2013
    It's a confident attempt to stake out a distinguishable sound within the web of influences and like-minded contemporaries the band has been linked to, including stalwarts like New Order and Radiohead, as well as newer faces like James Blake and The xx.
  5. Apr 1, 2013
    While debuts can often be bold and brash, Vondelpark’s alternative, understated approach is to be commended.
  6. Mar 29, 2013
    Everything is meticulous, not a note out of place--but this studied delivery is successfully supplemented with resounding soul, proving infectious indeed.
  7. Mar 29, 2013
    This is a beautifully blissed-out record, coloured by minimal rhythms and Lewis Rainsbury’s isolated vocals.
  8. Mar 29, 2013
    A fine album of rich, smooth, sunset-songs.
  9. Mar 29, 2013
    Rainsbury, Bailey, and Law showed long ago that they could draw a crowd with a bold gesture, but Seabed's appeal after multiple listens is in its details.

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