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  • Summary: The Meat Puppets return with its second album since reuniting in 2006.

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Sewn Together
Forget yourself, you only wanna be alone You bought the shelf, you're living like a dusty bone Gas is high tonight and all the horses flown And it's... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Consider the Meat Puppets' Sewn Together its "Young Frankenstein."
  2. Q Magazine
    They have shed their gormless, drifting amateurism and turned themselves into a classic American pop band. [Aug 2009, p.109]
  3. The appropriately named Sewn Together finds 50-year-old Curt Kirkwood and his 48-year-old brother Cris Kirkwood crafting mongrel music as fine as anything in the band's catalog.
  4. While it’s not the glorious shambles we were hoping for, there’s a feeling that no matter what rehabilitation they go through, thankfully they’ll never lose those magic battle scars.
  5. Meat Puppets 2.0 is a more polished, less accidental venture than the original, which isn't necessarily a drawback.
  6. So Sewn Together is gently rustic, occasionally (a bit) heavier than you might expect, and ready for any adult-leaning-but-alternative-friendly playlist. It's also pretty bland, and at worst banally melodramatic in ways that suggest the unfortunate arrival of the Meat Puppets power ballad.
  7. Although the band remains on an independent label--oddly enough, Megaforce, which wouldn’t have touched anything this psychedelic and mellow back in its own heyday--they’ve chosen to continue on in a similar ‘90s-nostalgic vein.

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