Shall Noise Upon - Apollo Sunshine
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  • Summary: The latest album for the rock trio was recorded in the Catskill Mountains.
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  1. 82
    Apollo Sunshine has finally created the audio beast we've been waiting for--a feast of emotions, sounds and additional weirdness. [Fall 2008, p.98]
  2. Shall Noise Upon is the first album to consistently contain songwriting equivalent to their technical prowess. [Oct 2008, p.152]
  3. Shall Noise Upon is a great record, and an impossible one to digest in just one sitting. That's hardly a problem, though, because coming back to it is so rewarding.
  4. Shall Noise Upon succeeds in fits and spurts, but as a whole, it lacks the continuity that is an essential ingredient for a career-defining record.
  5. Never troubled by the problem of finding a voice so much as slowing down the torrent of post-everything fuzz guitar, tempo shifts and schizoid stomps, the trio here finds a middle ground between melody and experimentation.
  6. You keep wishing something would spread the information across a broader landscape so you can more readily take it all in. But then again, maybe the chemically enhanced listener will be better prepared to absorb all the color Shall Noise Upon enthusiastically radiates.
  7. Their new album, Shall Noise Upon, is intellectually thinner, more musically pedantic, and not quite as tongue-in-cheek.

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