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  • Summary: Heavily influenced by neoclassical icons like Erik Satie and Philip Glass, the experimental musician Eluvium (aka Matthew Cooper) is set to release Similes. It's an eight-song album featuring three key musical elements: percussion, a verse-chorus song structure, and singing.
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  1. never has he put together something as perfectly formed and structured as this. It’s a journey from the inside out; it slowly unravels its form until the pieces are mere threads, floating in the breeze.
  2. What ultimately makes Similes so wonderful is that with every listen it seems to peel away the world around you, immersing you in its warmth, and for 43 minutes, it makes it so hard to believe that everything that might be wrong in your life actually matters at all.
  3. What’s happening with Similes is that it’s doing everything ambient music is supposed to do but is finding a very forward and fresh manner of going about it.
  4. [The] expansive and slightly melancholy tone which has always been at the core of his music does feel slightly constrained when he tries to squeeze it into a verse chorus verse structure: the best moments on Similes come when he simply lets it wander free.
  5. For those who have followed his recording career for any length of time, this change might seem jarring, a small revolution, but when his hushed baritone arrives on the scene in the lead track "Leaves Eclipse the Light," the development sounds completely natural.
  6. But it’s not float-away, background material; these songs poke and prod while clasping you close, the embrace warm but never completely comfortable.
  7. Uncut
    By the time the 11-minute whalesong finale "Cease To Know" creeps to its overdue conclusion, the prevailing mood of impeccably tasteful introspection is choking. [May 2010, p.88]

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