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  1. The songs combine the most pretentious and overworked elements of their influences. [21 Mar 2003, p.112]
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  1. Dec 5, 2011
    Simply amazing is all I need to say. On the other hand, the two follow-ups to this album are definitely widely underrated, and should be appreciated more. I'm definitely looking forward to a 2012 AFI album. They better make it happen. Full Review »
  2. Aug 30, 2011
    Truly phenomenal... Although quite different from anything before, there is more of the slow, emotional songs that got them this record deal. From the punk genius of Dancing Through Sunday, to the anger of The Leaving Song II, and finally the pure musical beauty of ...But Home Is Nowhere and its two hidden tracks, which is the definite highlight of the album. This album has everything. Including one of the greatest songs ever written, the hidden track This Time Imperfect. Full Review »
  3. Jun 7, 2011
    It's everything you wouldn't expect from a hardcore punk band from California: beautifully produced, cleverly written, and wonderfully melodic. Regardless of the album's severely dark nature, Sing the Sorrow could appeal to any kind of audience that even remotely enjoy rock music. "The Leaving Song, Pt II" retains all of the bands hardcore punk roots, yet experiments heavily with pop-punk and alternative, while "Silver & Cold" introduces something entirely new into the AFI world: a rock ballad. I can honestly say that Sing the Sorrow is "almost" a work of art, if it weren't for the album's slight repetition. Full Review »