Skit I Allt - Dungen
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  • Summary: The Swedish rock band led by Gustav Ejstes releases its sixth album.
  • Record Label: Mexican Summer
  • Genre(s): Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, International, Psychedelic/Garage
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  1. The record has a powerful structure, too, building in intensity over its first half, then peaking with the explosively catchy title track before tailing off purposefully and settling into melancholy.
  2. 80
    This is their sixth album and inevitably some jazzy ostentation has crept in, but generally there's a warm, graceful fluidity to Skit I Allt's billowing jams that remains uniquely beguiling. [Oct 2010, p.94]
  3. Skit I Alt is definitely something of a return to form, in its own relaxed way, and once the listener has spent a little time with it, every performance and section becomes that little bit more tantalising.
  4. Skit I Allt reminds you to wipe your brow and lean back as the heroic guitar returns. Sing along, the hooks are so strong! But keep the headphones on lest you actually hear your own voice.
  5. They're clearly not aiming for a worldwide banker, but the seam they mine is creatively profitable and floridly engineered.
  6. People who've appreciated the band's last three albums will find time for this once it has a chance to sink in, but it's not essential for people who got a charge out of Ta Det Lungt and passed on the rest.
  7. A typically disorienting affair, Skik I Allt divides itself between pastoral, paisley-patterned '60s pop and, more troublingly, the toothless prog-rock of Hogdalstoppen and Blandband. [Oct 2010, p.107]

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