Sleep Forever - The Big Sleep
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  • Summary: The sophomore album for the Brooklyn rock band is their first on Frenchkiss Records.
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  1. 'Slow Race' is an example of how, while moody, their soundscapes still rock and--unlike many of their pensive prog-oriented peers--feel more like songs than dissertations. [Mar 2008, p.140]
  2. The Big Sleep have also gotten better by huge leaps with each outing, delivering on the promise of their earlier songs without maturing too ambitiously.
  3. It's an invigorating ride (though we suspect Raymond Chandler would be thoroughly bemused).
  4. Sleep Forever distinguishes The Big Sleep as a force in its own right, and it’s a testament to the band’s growth. That--as well as the tracks themselves--make Sleep Forever a pleasure to hear.
  5. The outcome is a skillful but overly careening and unfocused album, pocketed with niche sounds.
  6. Despite its slightly more diverse palette, Sleep Forever merely dabbles in more styles rather than explores them, and as soon as their creative finger slips off the pleasure button, it's hard to resist from dozing.
  7. They play a very recognizable breed of avant-rock or indie-rock and are doing something that has been done over and over again in New York City.

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