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  1. The group's finest creation yet.
  2. If you didn't like Joan Of Arc, this album still might not win you over, but it definitely strays away from the sheer oddness of their last couple releases.
  3. Alternative Press
    It's hardly the pop album the liner notes indicate, but it's sweetly spellbinding, slouching toward another corner of the underground. [Mar 2003, p.92]
  4. An ambitious and artful set of songs.
  5. Whether you find Kinsella's brand of experimental pop insufferably pretentious or delightfully challenging (I find it a bit of both), you have to give the man credit for his vision.
  6. Mojo
    Still very much on the cerebral side of math-pop, Joan Of Arc have rarely sounded so open and welcoming. [Feb 2003, p.91]
  7. A mellow, slightly sub-decent album delivered at the wrong time.
  8. A welcome return to somewhat traditional songwriting.
  9. Flashes of the energy and precision JOA exhibit in the live forum are, arguably for the first time, perfectly realized here.
  10. The result is a grand step back into listenability.
  11. The Wire
    It might sound unbearably contrived, but the combination of crystalline guitar, sly time signatures and Kinsella's stream of consciousness lyrical musings makes for an unexpectedly coherent whole. [#229, p.68]
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  1. BrandonS.
    Oct 24, 2003
    Good CD.