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  • Summary: The live album features a recording of Squarepusher's September 2007 performance in Paris' Cite de la Musique, where he used only a bass and a small amp.
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  1. What might start as a project which has specialist appeal only therefore becomes something well worth hearing, a lesson in how to make the most from an instrument with seemingly limited range, without overdoing the beard scratching.
  2. 80
    Even though incredibly complex and insanely technical, this is a very quiet, intimate release. There is a vulnerability in this album that hasn't been seen in previous works.
  3. It’s indulgent stuff, but with the application of headphones and close attention, snatches of songs emerge, equipped with moments of gentleness, terror, and beguiling complexity.
  4. It’s just as likely to bore as to thrill, and while Jenkinson is clearly demonstrating his love for his instrument, he’s not displaying an awful lot of emotion for anything else.
  5. It may be a bit dull and overlong (a three to five song EP of this would have sufficed), but he doesn’t care. It’s his music and he’ll do what he damn well pleases with it.
  6. While there are fleeting moments of inspiration, Solo Electric Bass is a cavernous black hole that is mostly devoid of anything truly affecting.
  7. I ultimately found Solo Electric Bass 1 as dull as it must have been difficult to play.

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