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  1. Far removed from the desolation I feel surrounded by, Land of Talk's first full-length album's sense of hope, grounded in realism, is at once reassuring and encouraging.
  2. The wonder of Some Are Lakes is the fact that such arguably masculine instrumentation goes such a long way to buoy Powell's lady vocals. Neither takes a backseat, and the combination feels way natural.
  3. Elizabeth Powell, the lead singer of this three-piece Montreal indie-rock band, sounds marvelously self-assured on Some Are Lakes, its reverberant full-length debut.
  4. Like her game soprano, which breaks apart with the same lucid strength it sometimes uses to soar with trepidation, Land of Talk's music unleashes its own aggressive logic.
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    With her flinty guitar growling eloquent melodies and stricken solos, the group rock with a primal sensitivity akin to early Throwing Muses, but it's Powell's voice that's their truly irresistible element. [Nov 2008, p.118]
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    This Montreal group's first full-length features a slightly brighter, looser sound than their wonderfully sludgy 2006 EP, perhaps due to the input of Justin Vernon (a.k.a. folkie marvel Bon Iver), who coproduced with the band.
  7. Produced by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, cuts like 'Yuppy Flu' and 'It's Okay' are steeped in morbid imagery, but Powell's passionate delivery makes this set life-affirming.
  8. Some Are Lakes is a record that grows in stature with repeated listens, whispering more of its secrets under the still blanket of late nights.
  9. Though the album works overall, considering how much she dominates it--to say nothing of the constant roster changes and some recent singular success in the form of joining Broken Social Scene--you have to wonder if Powell wouldn’t be better off on her own.
  10. As violent, plaintive, and ultimately conflicted as anything she's already written ("I know how to kill but I hate how it feels."), many of Powell's lyrical sketches are of the blood red, open-heart-surgery variety, a word set her producer knows well.
  11. Ultimately, LOT’s songs will dictate their trajectory, and principal songwriter Liz Powell sounds mostly up to the task.
  12. Wrapping her melodies around her stabbed guitar in 'Give Me Back My Heart Attack' creates a wonderful effect, and the slow sway of 'It’s Okay' entrances. [Fall 2008, p.86]
  13. Despite Andrew Barr’s attempt to develop new rhythmic ideas in every song, the tracks tend to bleed together, impairing each song’s distinctiveness.
  14. The Montreal group's full-length debut, Some Are Lakes, frustratingly lacks that energy, as well as "Boo's" memorable afterglow. [Nov 2008, p.155]
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  1. DannyV
    Oct 24, 2008
    Land of Talk opened for a Broken Social Scene concert I attended a couple weeks ago. Hadn't heard of the band before, but they were a Land of Talk opened for a Broken Social Scene concert I attended a couple weeks ago. Hadn't heard of the band before, but they were a very nice treat. Gotta love the hotbed of talent coming out of Montreal. Picked up the album and was not disappointed. Full Review »
  2. ders
    Oct 22, 2008
    Beautiful vocals. A little like an indie Edie Brickell Mezmorizing, raw backing tracks. Brilliant.