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Mixed or average reviews- based on 18 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 8 out of 18

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  1. Apr 17, 2013
    A good album overall. Really under-rated. There's 13 songs on the album and when you listen to it, you'll feel like you're listening to 13 different albums, all merged into one. Kreayshawn pays tribute to her Gucci Gucci flow on tracks 'Left Ey3' spitting rapid verses over an electronic beat, whereas on tracks like 'BFF' and 'Luv Haus' we see Kreay drift into a more R'n'B/Pop genre, keeping her eye out for a more mature audience. A great album and personally I believe this deserved a lot more than '20K copies' in America. Expand
  2. Dec 17, 2012
    I think is a really good album, don't take so seriously her lyrics, she's just having fun and she want you to have it too. The production is amazing and her voice is something new, and her style is unique , you can't deny it.
  3. Aug 7, 2013
    This album is amazing! Why are all the critics hating on it? Kreayshawn is unique, fun, and talented. No one else in the music industry has her voice or her style.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 15
  2. Negative: 6 out of 15
  1. May 15, 2013
    There's Something 'Bout Kreay is the sound of a record company trying to turn 15 minutes of fame into a career, and spending way too much money in the process.
  2. Nov 30, 2012
    It is the preponderance of bland dance tracks (the inane 'Go Hard (La.La.La)', 'Twerkin'' and the abysmal 'luV haus' et al) lacking the wit of her previous singles, which consign this debut to a failure.
  3. Nov 30, 2012
    Her delivery--nasal, slightly nagging--inevitably begins to grate long before the album's running time is up. But there are points of interest that take Kreayshawn beyond empty attempts at swag.