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  1. 100
    Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle is a record of grand hopes and epic imagery, and powerful, uplifting music--the most accomplished of his 20-year career. [Apr 2009, p.102]
  2. He’s resonating some true beauty here; entirely lost in his nostalgic feelings and openly retrospective about where he has been, Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle is absolutely beautiful.
  3. What makes Eagle so strong is that the music stayed light, and those bucolic splashes of washed-out color contrast so well against Bill Callahan’s blues.
  4. Eagle is the ultimate cohesion of Callahan’s singular storytelling and bewitching delivery.
  5. Callahan sprinkles his world-weary perspective with enough wry humor to make the album pleasant and endearing.
  6. If "Woke On A Whaleheart" (2007) was the cuckoo clock, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle‘s Callahan’s triumphant Renaissance.
  7. His vantage from Eagle is one of textured ambivalence; his images split and shimmer like double-exposures, immediately releasing an obvious meaning quickly followed by a subtler one that equivocates the first.
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  1. May 1, 2012
    Bill Callahan doesn't quite measure up to his previous recordings on this one.
    Revamped lyrics to Faith/Void: "It's time to put Smog
    awaaaaaaaaaaaay..." Full Review »
  2. Joanna
    Apr 28, 2009
    One of the best albums of 2009 for me.
  3. GrantMacMillan
    Apr 24, 2009