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  1. Entertainment Weekly
    Everclear's real secret is their wry humor... [11/24/2000, p.82]
  2. 80
    Sharper, edgier, and more twisted than its predecessor, Vol. Two is like a throwback to Everclear's early days, before So Much for the Afterglow launched the Portland trio into the arena rock stratosphere.
  3. 'Vol. One' might have opened the band up to a wider audience but 'Vol. Two' is a far better reflection of what Everclear are all about.
  4. It is clear that these two albums need to be heard and absorbed side by side?
  5. Bright, punchy, and well crafted, it slathers an extra layer of grinding guitars on top of the Vol. One sound while maintaining the group's melodic trademarks.
  6. Everclear's Art Alexakis might have stretched himself way too thin by dividing his concept album into two different records, but his songwriting gifts remain as sharp as ever.... "When It All Goes Wrong Again," "Slide" and "Misery Whip" are the standouts here, venting everyday domestic frustrations with enough melodic and lyrical grace to turn these frustrations into good, painful jokes.
  7. Bad Attitude is aided immeasurably by its oil-slick choruses and Alexakis' suitably bombastic production. It may lack the vivid, slice-of-life evocativeness of 1995's outstanding Sparkle And Fade, but the album's catchiness is a decent consolation prize.
  8. Vol. Two will please Everclear's long-term fans with a return to their harder roots.
  9. 60
    Rockers and ballads are both delivered with pure '80s polish and shine. It doesn't make for as interesting a listen as the folk and funk of this year's Vol. 1, but that's not the point. If that was the thinking man's Everclear, this is the purely visceral edition. At the very least an exhilarating, fist-pumping ride, Vol. 2 is proof that a little energy can go a long way.
  10. While there are blips in all areas of life - the possible existence of Bigfoot, the rich and strange wildlife of Madagascar - few things cast more suspicion upon the whole survival-of-fittest concept than the continuing career of Everclear.
  11. Spin
    Apparently, this American movie is the story of the predatory woman who comes to your house, whaps the crap out of you, and makes you play the same song over and over again. [2/2001, p.107]
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  1. j30
    Feb 1, 2012
    Exverclear was my favorite band growing up, but since So Much For The Afterglow their lyrics and music have changed dramatically. My hopes forExverclear was my favorite band growing up, but since So Much For The Afterglow their lyrics and music have changed dramatically. My hopes for a Everclear "return to form" were quickly diminished in this heap of turd. Full Review »
  2. JesusW
    Aug 3, 2005
    This CD is about on the same level as Vol. 1, but it includes my favourite Everclear track.
  3. bradyw.
    Feb 29, 2004
    I think that vol.2 was the best cd ever! everclear rocks!