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  • Summary: The former backup singer for Missy Elliott and Timbaland comes into her own on this, her debut album, which was produced and co-written by her two benefactors. Tweet's presence and talent are evidenced by the surprising abundance of guitar/soul tracks here, instead of a reliance on electronic/dance numbers typical of a Missy-Timbaland production. Expand
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  1. Hummingbird does not disappoint fans who like their R&B buzzing with a side of multitempo hip-hop.
  2. It all blends together a little bit too much to be distinctive and, as such, it has a faint feel of product, a slow seduction record for the Timbaland-worshipping hipster set.
  3. 80
    The lyrics [are] darker than your average soul/R&B debut. [#7, p.114]
  4. It goes down better if you concentrate more on her charming voice and the tracks, rather what she is actually saying.
  5. Tweet has the kind of voice that doesn't overpower her music but lets it breathe.
  6. 70
    Provides a refreshing change of pace from the current formulaic R&B chanteuses.
  7. The production rarely approaches the wit or inventiveness that Elliott and Timbaland have established as their trademarks.

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  1. Aug 1, 2013
    "Southern Hummingbird" from singer/songwriter Tweet, is a flawless album. The lyrical content is so well done and the depth of this album is unbelievable. The producers take you on a musical journey from "My Place" which is my favorite song, all the way to "Drunk" which is what I like to call soulfully chopped & screwed. "Southern Hummingbird" is far from anything you've ever heard before or heard since. I give it a RARE 10/10, well done Tweet. Collapse

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