St. Elsewhere - Gnarls Barkley

Universal acclaim - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Every song on this exhilarating debut... is almost as good as its first hit, "Crazy." That's saying a lot. [6 May 2006]
  2. As we approach the halfway point of 2006, it's unlikely that a more vivid or arresting debut will drop this year, marking St. Elsewhere as not only an audacious accomplishment, but one of the year's best.
  3. St. Elsewhere is a bumpy but mesmerizing ride.
  4. 100
    Weird, wonderful and, yes, super.
  5. Both artists have stepped outside their regular roles to make what feels like a genuinely instinctive, love-fuelled record that zings with an enthusiasm for all spectrums of music.
  6. 86
    More soulful and funky than any of Dangermouse's previous efforts. [#20, p.101]
  7. It is often silly, occasionally ridiculous, always catchy as hell, and as loose as an album with this kind of production credit can be. What more could we ask from a pop record?
  8. With “Crazy,” the duo hits its apex without really shrouding the rest of the album.
  9. St. Elsewhere deftly balances solid songcraft with free-floating weirdness for a project that's suavely international but unmistakably American.
  10. You certainly won't hear much else at the moment as inventive as this.
  11. 80
    A loose lyrical thread (mental instability), an unrestrained creativity and an enviable sense of musical freedom are the only things holding it together. [Jun 2006, p.104]
  12. 80
    Elsewhere is exactly what you thought it'd be: a daring piece of work from two artists not afraid to take chances that pay off. [May 2006, p.81]
  13. With the help of Danger Mouse's platinum ear and intricate vocal productions, Green is revealed as a top-notch post-millennial soul singer.
  14. St Elsewhere rivals Gorillaz' Demon Days for sheer inventiveness. [Jun 2006, p.109]
  15. 80
    High-energy electro eccentricity. [Jun 2006, p.80]
  16. 80
    It sounds like Cee-Lo has found his sonic better half in Danger Mouse. [Jun 2006, p.162]
  17. Theoretically the album should sound like a mess - and occasionally it does, not least on the twitchy and irritating Transformer. But for the most part, the mass of disparate sounds are perfectly bound together by some astonishing songwriting and Green's haunting, sorrowful voice.
  18. It’s all over the place in the best possible way.
  19. Although this isn't a flawless album, it will undoubtedly be a huge hit and keep many people company through the long hot summer months ahead.
  20. Each listen reveals depth and texture that allow the hooks plenty of room to breathe.
  21. A manic, twisted soul album that's part nostalgia and part dementia.
  22. The collaboration between sound technician Danger Mouse and astral soul brother #1 Cee-Lo Green is scatterbrained and compulsive, a collective of voices in varying degrees of twitchy, restless (in)sanity competing for one mind.
  23. Throughout, Cee-Lo’s crazed Muddy Waters-meets-Al Jarreau tenor drools soul and exudes liquid-nitrogen cool.
  24. As scattershot and weirdly limp as parts of this are-- two guys just knocking things together, seeing what happens-- well, it feels better to hear someone trying.
  25. Even if their craziness is a bit affected, try as they might, they can’t disguise a fine pop record underneath that freaky makeup. [#14]
  26. It's no contender for end-of-year honours, but so far as pop goes in 2006, this may well be the pinnacle.
  27. It's hard not to feel that the mystique is so damaged by the poor execution of the opening, that the rest of 'St. Elsewhere', however good, struggles to catch up.
  28. There's a creeping dementia to all of St. Elsewhere. [4 May 2006, p.56]
  29. St. Elsewhere's triumphs are besmirched somewhat by its flubs.
  30. As is to be expected in any collaboration of this type, there are a lot of good ideas to be found, and it’s worth hearing, even with a few missteps.
  31. It may fall short a few instances, but it’s a record with genuine ingenuity.
  32. A strange and unique album that is more rock and pop than anything most rap fans are used to.
  33. 60
    It's always peculiar, and often a mess; it's also occasionally brilliant. [Jun 2006, p.142]
  34. A disappointing missed opportunity.
  35. Some of the record gets bogged down in its own deliberate weirdness.
  36. 50
    DM's production is unfocused but showy and the album's postmodern lurches suggest a frustrating attention defecit disorder. [Jun 2006, p.90]
  37. It's a disappointing underachievement.
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User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 55 out of 64
  2. Negative: 7 out of 64
  1. Nov 14, 2011
    The only reason I listened to the album "St. Elsewhere" is because of "Crazy".
  2. MikeK
    Jun 1, 2006
    I agree, if you think this is a "0" or a "1" type of album, you ARE crazy. This feels like a breakthrough in r&b - yeah, it's supposedly hip hop, but the best cuts sound like a new kind of soul record, where the r&b vocals (not rapping) are married to a cool atmospheric production - DJ Danger Mouse sounds like the Brian Eno of r&b here. I don't think this is a start-to-finish engaging record, but the best tracks are amazing ("Summer" sounds like neo-NEO-soul rather than straight up dance). Full Review »
  3. ChrisW
    Jun 25, 2006
    1) First off it is way too confusing to listen to. Like pick a style and go with it! Don