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  • Summary: The indie electro-pop trio from Portland, Oregon releases its debut album.
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  1. The music is jovial and upbeat, yet utterly simplistic.
  2. 70
    Starfucker has crafted a solid, catchy, well-produced pop record that should have the hooks and emotional resonance to compete with most indie-rock contemporaries for lovesick teenagers’ iPod disc space.
  3. There are neither risks nor revelations here, but it’s a solid album and the product of an artist with the patience to pursue his vision and the sense of humor to still kiss off to easy classifications.
  4. This simple, easygoing mood stretches throughout the recording, which makes for a nice listen, but because a lot of the songs blend together in this pleasant, dreamlike state, they're tough to remember by the record's finish, and they fade quickly from memory, as old dreams tend to do.
  5. Unfortunately, too many of the songs highlight Starfucker's shortcomings, leaving them introspective, detached, and even timid. If this three-piece can learn to have as much fun in the studio as they do onstage, these fuckers might actually become stars.
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