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  • Summary: The fourth full-length studio release for the Disney actress/singer is her first as a solo artist and includes contributions from The Cataracs, Desmond Child, Ester Dean, Mike Del Rio, Dreamlab, David Jost, The Monsters and the Strangerz, Rock Mafia, and Stargate.
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  1. Jul 24, 2013
    What's left, then, is a collection of 11 shinily produced pop songs that find Gomez trying on a series of different personalities with her slight-yet-capable vocals.
  2. Jul 22, 2013
    Thanks to the strong songs, Selena's reliably strong vocals, and the variety of sounds, it adds up to be another fine entry in her catalog and just another example of why Selena Gomez is one of the best pop stars making music in 2013.
  3. Jul 30, 2013
    The whirring Stars Dance is a confident but not aggressively blatant move to a more grown-up pop playing field.
  4. Jul 22, 2013
    From the electro-punk opener Birthday onward, she's competent and entirely impersonal. But that's no impediment to enjoying the record, which darts efficiently from EDM to Bollywood to--Beliebers, look away now--sappiness inspired by her on-off boyfriend, Justin Bieber.
  5. Jul 23, 2013
    Though she nods at Rihanna-style slither and Britney-esque grind, this is the sound of Gomez gliding gracefully into adulthood.
  6. Jul 22, 2013
    Other than the sultry Stars Dance, much of this sounds like songs Rihanna rejected.
  7. It's a pop record, which means one killer track would redeem everything. Predictably enough, it never comes.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 56
  2. Negative: 12 out of 56
  1. Sep 30, 2014
    Selena realmente se superou nesse album, sua musica está mais madura assim como sua voz. pena que teve poucos singles. Come and Get It é uma otima musica, assim como "Undecover" e "Love Will Remember" Expand
  2. Jul 23, 2013
    This album is amazing, you can listen without skipping any tracks. Every track is amazing and lovely. 'Love Will Remember' shows how Selena can be a good songwriter. Expand
  3. Jul 23, 2013
    It is one of the best albums of the year! With good vocals, very catchy tunes and two amazing singles released before hand Selena has really outdone herself proving that she is definitely one of the leading pop stars of 2013. The album itself is very diverse, with Like A Champion having a jamaican vibe to it, to Come And Get It with a hindi tune to the dance heavy B.E.A.T and Birthday to the more intimate Love Will Remember and Nobody Does It Like You to hopefully the albums next single Save The Day. The album has a great resemblance to a Shakira or perhaps Rihanna album and is definitely worth the wait! Expand
  4. Feb 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The release of highly anticipated 'Stars Dance' by growing performer Selena Gomez proves to be a well-produced, catchy and nicely delivered piece of teen electro-pop, with several light and fixable flaws.
    Track no. 1 is Birthday', a punky song which does not only suit the singer perfectly, but proves to bear a unique sound accompanied by a banging bass, handclaps and crazy beats, perfect for a confident album opener.
    'Slow Down' follows, with a simple but catchy electro-pop chorus that shows why it was chosen as the second single. Nothing completely new, but still fun to listen, bragging a terrific hook for dancing.
    Next is title track 'Stars Dance', which stands out as an orchestral-dubstep song which captures the listener's ear since the very stringy beginning. One of the best songs in the album, it falls out of the 'title track is terrible' cliché, and lets Gomez showcase her vocal ability without overdoing production.
    'Like a Champion' is a breezy, tribal-like piece of dancehall pop. It barely manages to grasp the album's concept while still briefly departing from loud electro-pop bangs and bursts, quite well may I add.
    Lead single 'Come & Get It' is the album's smash hit, a stand-out on 'Stars Dance'. Following it's previous track's sound, it expands it with Indian background singing and a nice touch of electronic runs. It falls prey, however, to predictability and somewhat floppy lyrics.
    'Forget Forever' is a personal favorite. With nicly controlled vocals, and a refreshing, sing-along chorus, it succeeds in it's purpose. It also lyrically departs the album's previous 'please don't leave me' concept and successfully takes on a 'forget you ever knew my name' punch line.
    'Save The Day' is musically more of the same, however, it's pumping beats and Gomez' immersive vocals lead us onto a fantastic dubstep chorus and latin-like bridge. It shares a strange similarity with track 'Come & Get It' though, which both benefits and harms the singer's presentation.
    'B.E.A.T.' has Gomez' vocals being messed and tampered with for about 3/4 of the song, which is not new, but manages to captivate us with a stuttering b-b-b-beat. Repetitive, yes, cute, yes, ultimately annoying, also.
    As 'Write Your Name' begins, it seems to be taking a break from what we have been hearing, but as it approaches a banging dance-pop chorus we can't help but fall for it's catchy-yet-familiar tune. Smartly produced and with a suprisingly lovely rap verse by Gomez, it proves to be yet another hit-making material.
    'Undercover' is both the nearest to a Guetta-like produced song and the highlight of the album (which is strangely disappointing). It features the album's different-but-the-same electro-pop arrangement in the chorus, but it's definitely a manically dancy song which keeps us waiting for that electronic explosion we've been technically hearing throughout 'Stars Dance', and to be able to do that half an hour into the album, is already a success.
    'Love Will Remember' is the ballad of the album, and based upon the excessively covered relationship the singer had with Canadian artist Justin Bieber. Dramatically soothing, and awkwardly emotional, it's in the top 3 tracks from 'Stars Dance', with Gomez' vocals refreshingly undisturbed (mostly). However, many are likely to not make it this far in the album due to it's constant formula, leaving this love story unheard.

    Two deluxe tracks followed the original release:

    'Nobody Does It Like You' is a fun yet hollow song that barely saves itself from falling into the 'oh, again' category with a good dubstep chorus. It is, though, very similar to 'Slow Down', and since the latter's become a single, this track loses the little potential that surfaced.
    'Music Feels Better' is the thirteenth and final track on 'Stars Dance'. It surpiringly showcases a 90's disco spirit and it's fun, carefree delivery is mainly the reason for a Deluxe purchase of the album.

    Overall, 'Stars Dance' is a fantastically produced, well-delivered record that, whilst falling victim to predictable electro-pop situations, takes Selena Gomez' promising career and pushes it a step forward and away from Disney Queen status. Her new sound and direction suits her well, and fit nicely in her career, as 'Selena Gomez & the Scene' fans awaiting the band's return are sure to find 'Stars Dance' worthy enough to keep them excited.

    Overall score: 8.0 out of 10
  5. Jul 30, 2013
    OK, its obvious no one here knows how to actually review and album. There either way too happy and fan obsessed or just a complete hater. Here's an actual review.
    Let me start by saying Selena has a iffy voice nowhere near Demi but nice and sweet to hear unlike Miley.

    01) Birthday: An awkward song trying to be sexy while still sounding kiddy (3/5).
    02) Slow Down: Danceable, but gets bland after about 15 listens (4/5).
    03) Stars Dance: The title track that os both sweet yet heart shopping at the same time. A dubstep influenced song (5/5).
    04) Like A Champion: Influenced by Rihanna this Caribbean definitely gets you moving and catchy with the chorus (4/5).
    05) Come And Get It: Originally belonging to Rihanna, this Bollywood inspired song is both lyrically and production wise perfect (5/5).
    06) Forget Forever: The first song about her relationship with Justin, the song starts off slow and breathy, the moves into a large EDM full on dance hit (5/5).
    07) Save The Day: The Jennifer Lopez song that Selena got. The song is good and danceable but might have been a hit if J.Lo song it (4/5).
    08) B.E.A.T.: A wannabe Dev song that ultimately feels interesting after a couple of listens. The song isn't really original but makes up with the catchy chorus (3.5/5).
    09) Write Your Name: Sweet little song that ultimately ends up being the most forgettable song on the album and is completely understandable (3.2/5).
    10) Undercover: The catchy dance track is sure to get your body moving and have you saying "You don't need no other lover we can keep this under cover" all day everyday (5/5).
    11) Love Will Remember: Thing only ballad on the CD panned by Rock Mafia this beautiful song is amazing but this new version without the voice feels less personal then the original still amazing with the "Lo-o-oo-ooo-ove" in the chorus (5/5).
    Bonas Track:
    12) Nobody Does It Like You: The perfect dance track with beautiful lyrics and a surprising dubstep break down in the chorus (5/5).
    13) Music Feels Better: Younger then you'd think but still a good song to listen to of bored (3.5/5).
    Bonas Track:
    14) I Like It That Way: The Katy Perry-ish song comes off interesting until the chorus comes in turning the song into an overproduced song (2.7/5).
    15) Lover In Me: Just a bit better then the song before, but comes off bland and uninteresting but catchy at the same time (3.6/5)
    Demo Track:
    16) Sad Serenade: This track is not available on the soundtrack or iTunes or Amazon but can be listened to on YouTube. Sad Serenade is a sweet danceable track that could have easily replaced 9, 13-15 (5/5).

    All in all this soundtrack is all over the place from good to okay to bad, better then "Kiss & Tell" and "A Year Without Rain" but not as good as "When The Sun Goes Down". Sugared with autotune that with songs like Stars Dance and Undercover it really doesn't matter. The cover art is beautiful. But this album is little more fun then Demi Lovato's "DEMI" but not as deep. She does write about 4-6 songs. All in All 6.5 out of 10. This still so far sounds like the best pop album of the year. Should you get it? Yes if you're younger then 21 you should enjoy, but of you're older only download "Stars Dance, Come & Get It, Forget Forever, Undercover, Nobody Does It Like You, Love Will Remember, Slow Down, and Sad Serenade" if any others then just get "Save The Day, Champion, Music Feels Better, or B.E.A.T.".
  6. Nov 25, 2013
    I hope more. The singles are very good, but the others songs not at all. too much dance and empty songs to me. Selena had fun with this album, I like it but just a Little. Expand
  7. Nov 22, 2014
    Poderia dizer maravilhas desse álbum mas parece mais aqueles álbuns que dão de graça no iTunes pra ver se sai do flop, que só tem músicas ruins sabe? Vendeu quase porra nenhuma, e pelo menos tem duas músicas nota 8 que é CAGI e SD fora isso, é um cuzinho doce, não pisou nem no Demi q bela merda viu Expand

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