Still Standing

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  • Summary: The R&B singer returns with her first album in nearly four years featuring songs cowritten with such artists as Bryan-Michael Cox, Missy Elliott, Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Jazmine Sullivan, Crystal Johnson, and Stargate.
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  1. Monica’s highly anticipated sixth album is rich with songs about self-validation, love lost and subsequent recovery, and doesn’t let up on that thematic gas pedal until the last tune.
  2. While the album is fluid lyrically and musically, it's missing one thing: Monica's spunk and sass.
  3. Some fans will be irritated that it took Monica three-and-a-half years to follow up a ten-song album with a set of equally brief length, but Still Standing benefits from quality control and a handful of particularly strong ballads.
  4. There’s a wealth of talent involved, no doubt, but Monica is capable of a more consistently satisfying effort.
  5. It's pop at its most unembellished and bland, which is especially disappointing for an album that enlists big-league producers like Jermaine Dupri and Missy Elliott.
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