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  1. 100
    Sugar Mountain is a fascinating snapshot of Neil Young at a transitory moment in his long career, for which it also provides an indelible template.
  2. Live at Canterbury House, the latest in a series of live recordings from his archives, is pretty simple-left track is voice, right track acoustic guitar. Simplicity, as is evident here, serves him quite well.
  3. It's a marvelously intimate performance, unguarded and open-hearted, unique in its delicate touch: it's Neil Young before the myth crystallized, and listening to it anew, it's easy to fall in love with him all over again.
  4. By investing a now-classic catalog with immediacy, freshness and a delicate, humbling charm, Sugar Mountain not only stands as the best argument for the Archives series and illumination it could provide, but as a classic live record in its own right.
  5. The accompanying DVD offers only a higher fidelity version of the audio performance, but Sugar Mountain remains a magical and rare portrait of a budding genius.
  6. His meandering monologues contrast with the top-notch if uniformly pensive songs.
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  1. Jan 2, 2012
    This album gives you the feeling you're actually there and getting to know the performer like no other live album I've ever heard. Plus the music has got to be the most beautiful and honest of his or almost anyone else's career. Truly a young genius at the height of his early years! Full Review »