Summer Sun - Yo La Tengo
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  • Summary: The days of hard-rocking Yo La Tengo appear to be over (at least on record), as the Hoboken, NJ trio continues along the atmospheric, lower-volume path begun on 'And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out.' Included among the 13 Roger Moutenot-produced tracks is a cover of Big Star's "Take Care" and the James McNew-sung "Tiny Birds." Expand
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  1. Summer Sun is a stunner, a subtle but substantial collection of non-sequiturs that displays the scope of Yo La Tengo’s tweaked-out serenity.
  2. 80
    From the edge of the sea, back to the fringes of sleep, Summer Sun is uncommonly lovely. [May 2003, p.104]
  3. While rock fans may be disappointed by Yo La Tengo's fleeting venture into playful jazz, the group continue to produce music that's full of gesture and emotional intensity. [#231, p.73]
  4. As irresistible at its peak - the luscious 'Little Eyes' and a lovely interpretation of Big Star's 'Take Care' - as it is baffling at its prog-jazz edges, 'Summer Sun' is the crowbar that pries open the door into a world of left-field beauty.
  5. Summer Sun doesn't have the collective impact of its predecessors, a problem typically attributable to song selection, sequencing and mixing.
  6. The back two-thirds of the disc simply wanders around a bit too much, but there are still some real gems.
  7. Most of Summer Sun is underwhelming to downright cringe-inducing.

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