Sunday At Devil Dirt

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  • Summary: This is the second collaboration with ex-Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan.
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  1. Like last time, the new album features Lanegan handling lead vocals while Campbell takes on the writing, production and arrangement chores, resulting in a twilight-soaked bundle of songs for the wee small hours, when the light is low and the mood is too.
  2. 80
    Sunday At Devil Dirt inhabits the same scorched earth, but is a more confident record. Ironically, this confidence manifests itself in an understated vocal performance from Campbell, leaving the spotlight on Lanegan’s dusty baritone.
  3. Devil Dirt is almost a carbon copy of Broken Seas in every way (except for the decidedly cheap looking album art). This similarity could be problematic and make the album less impressive or desirable; fortunately, the formula is strong and worth revisiting.
  4. 70
    Nearly every song on their second collaboration--but particularly the brooding 'Salvation' and sweetly melancholy 'Trouble'--reveals gorgeous comfort in the juxtaposition.
  5. While Sunday at Devil Dirt may be more of the same (with glimpses of Tom Waits' junkyard blues tossed in to good effect), Campbell and Lanegan were never out to do anything different.
  6. Campbell's better when she's having fun, joining her cohort on the lusty, smoky 'Come on Over (Turn Me On),' and shedding her delicate skin on 'Shotgun Blues' to become not just a Tennessee Williams vixen, but Lanegan's worthy soulmate.
  7. Between her sweet and his sour, there should be a whole lot more shaking going on, but instead it's like they keep coming out of the dressing room with the same hat on.

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