Super Sound


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  1. Urb
    Super Sound makes up for any lack of focus with attitude and a prevalence of splendid, melodic pop. [#81, p.120]
  2. Unlike a lot of mix-and-match groups, the tracks are filled with grooves that are substantive as they are moving.
  3. If you've ever enjoyed an Arling & Cameron record, reveled in overtaxing your speakers with Big Beats or enjoyed the more anthemic, production-intensive side of hip-hop, Super Sound is for you. Not every record in your collection needs to be a ground-breaking, classification-defining, intellectual agenda-toting classic.
  4. Mixing downtempo with trip-hop and some samples from a funky-ass toolbox (where you keep your funky-ass tools, of course), Pepé Deluxe seem to have struck upon a recipe for success.
  5. Like a cross between Fatboy's cheekiness and the Chems' psychedelia, Super Sound is certainly slick, but it also confirms suspicions that big beat has hit a creative dead end.
  6. But other selections feel more like skeletal sketches than finished songs, composed of interesting components but short on fully developed ideas and momentum. Great stuff for background noise at a party, or in a TV commercia, but not necessarily compelling headphone fare.
  7. Many of these samples have been heard before, and the influences (ranging from easy listening to soundtracks to hip-hop) aren't very original either.
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  1. PepeL
    Aug 13, 2006
    Probe It