Super Taranta! - Gogol Bordello

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  1. On Super Taranta!, the NYC-based gypsy-punk crew is as energized as ever.
  2. Yes, it's the relentless energy, humour and versatility which makes this record stand out and apparently their albums are merely incidental compared to their stunning live shows.
  3. This is more like their "Give ‘em Enough Rope," a perfectly fine extension of that first energy burst, one that deserved to be milked a bit.
  4. Ultimately, Gogol are all about a collective euphoria that's right in the here and now.
  5. Super Taranta! is an album of such sweaty vigour, spittle-flecked passion, wide-eyed curiosity and a keen sense of the ridiculous it deserves a big fat plug on primetime telly.
  6. 80
    The best song on Super Taranta! is all about one bad party: the disappointed, outright funny 'American Wedding. [Aug 2007, p.111]
  7. Super Taranta! is the culmination of superb musicianship, endless energy, and an inborn sense of fun and a dedication to progression and innovation, and if that's not something to celebrate and dance to, it's hard to know what is.
  8. Super Taranta! soars for three songs before settling in to a depth-charged, raucously quotable musical and philosophical groove.
  9. 80
    Simply enjoy the band's increasingly deep groove, its rich crosscutting of violin and accordion melodies and its mastery of both Gypsycore trash and lilting Euro-reggae. [Aug 2007, p.106]
  10. If there is such a thing as music with a hairy chest, this is it.
  11. Super Taranta! is easily the group’s most accomplished effort to date, and an exciting prospect of things to come.
  12. 80
    Super Taranta! cements further the untouchable status of Gogol Bordello.
  13. Imagine the B-52's playing a wedding in Siberia and you'll have a loose idea of what's in store on these 14 tracks.
  14. Super Taranta! is, at heart, a riotous, utterly bonkers, brilliant party album from one of the world’s greatest dance bands.
  15. Although it doesn’t attain the career-defining cumulative power of 2005's "Gypsy Punks," it's a broader, more intricate disc.
  16. Beyond Hütz’s maniacal wail lies a bed of musicianship so textured, so emotionally captivating, it entraps you with the alluring gaze of an Eastern-block temptress under a blanket of silky unrestrained rhythm.
  17. On this album, GB make the Dead Kennedys seem subtle. And it would be nice if there were more variety to their sound.
  18. Gogol suffers beneath ST!'s length and schizophrenia.
  19. Much of the album begs to be vamped a few extra bars, to accompany a visual spectacle. [Summer 2007, p.80]
  20. There's plenty of fun to be had, though the relentlessness of fiddle, accordion and Hutz's roaring vocals is exhausting.
  21. Music this theatrical demands a stage. On disc it plays a bit like a conversation-starting party favor: colorful and bright, but no substitute for actually being there.
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  1. PaulC.
    Sep 26, 2007
    These guys are kind of a one trick pony. "American Wedding" is a fun track, but the rest of the album pretty much blends together. Not a lot of variety here. Still a unique sound worthy of a listen. Full Review »
  2. [Anonymous]
    Aug 18, 2007
    This is the best Gogol Bordello album to date. While Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike had some of their best songs, this has a more raw, yet cohesive sound. Both are great albums and I recommend both. Highlights of the album include Ultimate, Wonderlust King, Forces Of Victory and American Wedding. Full Review »
  3. DouglasD.
    Aug 1, 2007
    Fun, energy, melody. American Wedding is the best music ever. ST! is the best Gogol Bordello's album so far.