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  • Summary: The third album on Jack Johnson's Brushfire label for the Philadelphia trio.

Top Track

Peace, Love, and Happiness
why let this world weigh on your shoulders pick it up push it off before you let yourself colder just look into the eyes the good eyes of a child and... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Bright guitar hooks, expansive piano and Jimi "Jazz" Prescott's driving bass create tracks like "Wiggle Worm" and "Georgia Brown" that are as engrossing as they are stress-reducing.
  2. Uncut
    Catchy as hell. [Oct 2008, p.90]
  3. With no thrills or spills on its journey through Dutton's ideologies, a now-threepiece Special Sauce (former Boss Hog keyboardist Mark Boyce's addition is official) slinks and sways on its traditionally level medium.
  4. This is what could be termed a healthy dose of parent-friendly hip hop, though now and again it threatens to spoil its reputation as it comes close to one of those dreadful ‘friend chip' adverts.
  5. Superhero Brother will probably sound pretty good as background at a party, but there's not a lot of meat on these bones.
  6. Superhero Brother gives the impression that G. Love is deeply embedded in his comfort zone – probably not a good thing for a white guy trying to recapture the sloppy blues of his glory days.
  7. G. Love sounds at home pouring his heart out about his grandmother and making bong-smoker anthems, but a few numbers sound clichéd.

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