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  1. Produced by the band itself, these songs help bridge the gap between Annuals’ two full-length albums, taking their wild eclecticism from "Be He Me" but keeping the melodies that anchored "Such Fun."
  2. If such a broad spectrum of influences suggests a wicked case of ADHD, it also keeps Sweet Sister compelling for its entire duration, which isn't the backhanded compliment it might seem to be.
  3. Here’s hoping Sweet Sister is the sound of a talented group shaking out some superficial songwriting ideas before getting down to it.
  4. The lyrics' yearning for something tangible and substantial ultimately feels at odds with what Sweet Sister, promising surface and all, actually brings to the table.
  5. Sweet Sister isn't as saccharine as one might expect. [Winter 2010, p.71]
  6. Billed as a move back to an indie label (Banter, in this case) and a “return to form,” this five-track EP aims itself squarely between the two full-lengths, yet it still doesn’t find the correct balance.
  7. This North Carolina sextet's satisfying angst gets replaced with tinny keyboard effects and Guster-ready bongo drums. With every song, vocakist Adam Baker oozes further into an imaginary indie-lite Pixar flick. [May 2010, p.102]
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  1. Oct 9, 2010
    Annuals get a lot of criticism for genre jumping in their albums, which is bulls*it right? Sweet Sister is a perfect blend of sounds that is candy to the ears. They have not perfected their sound quite yet but their getting close. Sweet Sister has just the right amount of Rock n' Roll, soul, and honky tonk that will leave you craving the next Annuals LP. Full Review »