Take Fountain - The Wedding Present
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  • Summary: Eight years ago, Wedding Present leader David Gedge put that band on hold to pursue--at first--a more cinematic sound with his new outfit, the aptly named Cinerama. With Cinerma's sound more closely approximating the Wedding Present's in recent years, Gedge has revived the WP name (but retained the most recent Cinerama lineup) for this latest release, produced by Steve Fisk. Expand
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  1. There's little musically that will startle the faithful or convert the doubtful, but the Present's gift was always for words. [12 Feb 2005, p.51]
  2. 80
    As eloquent an emotional discourse as [Gedge] has mustered. [Mar 2005, p.101]
  3. It's clearly not the best The Wedding Present have done, but it far exceeds anything they wrote after '92. [#9]
  4. On Take Fountain Gedge uses his sharpened songwriting chops to present his case and again proves himself a master of the pop song. It’s just that sometimes it feels like routine.
  5. Take Fountain is a solid Wedding Present album, one that will satisfy those who have been following Gedge all along.
  6. Take Fountain... does little to expand on the formulaic offerings their followers have released. Instead, the album risks running itself into a dead end it creates, all on its own.
  7. Inevitably, it sounds dated. [Feb 2005, p.102]

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