Talking To You, Talking To Me

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  • Summary: Hailing from Los Angeles by way of Kentucky, Chandra and Leigh Watson--aka the Watson Twins--follow up 2008's "Fire Songs" with "Talking to You, Talking to Me." It features members of Everest and My Morning Jacket's Bo Koster.

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Modern Man
Talking to you, talking to me across the satellite The star of modern man but this old-fashioned girl stands still in time Ohhh oh oh There's... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. 80
    Taking a cue from Shelby Lynne, the Watsons consult vintage Southern styles for inspiration, incorporating touches of country and plenty of hot-blooded soul.
  2. Gossamer. That's the best way to describe the new album by The Watson Twins. Like strings of gossamer and gauze, Talking To You, Talking To Me is a supple, soothing effort that's relaxed, reflective and decidedly old-school.
  3. Under The Radar
    The Twins come out of hiding. Unlike the dual harmonies previously heard, they alternate with lead and backing vocals. [Winter 2010, p.70]
  4. Over half of the album would benefit from a more lived in persona that the twins evade for the majority of their sophomore set.
  5. Alternative Press
    With a handful of vibrant songs that match either a late-night lounge vibe, or elevate their retro-country game, the album's only major flaw is forcing too many drastic costume changes on their angelic voices. [Mar 2010, p.98]
  6. The sisterly harmonies and country-tinged arrangements are pleasant enough, but they focus on atmosphere at the expense of melody, a move that leaves the listener emotionally stirred but unable to recall a single melody after the disc’s conclusion.
  7. Their spectacularly boring new album has so little dynamic variance that it literally pains the ear.

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