Tape Deck Heart - Frank Turner
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  • Summary: The fifth full-length solo studio release for the British singer-songwriter was produced by Rich Costey.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. Apr 23, 2013
    This is much more of a traditional rock record than anything else Frank has done, and that’s a good thing because it means that it’s probably the most consistent album he’s made.
  2. Tape Deck Heart may not be quite as good as the phenomenal England Keep My Bones, but it’s a quality release with excellent lasting value that will be a mainstay on album of the year lists in 2013.
  3. 80
    An intensely personal record, the process of listening to the dozen tracks here is as intimate--and sometimes as uncomfortable--as reading pages ripped straight from Frank's diary.
  4. Apr 18, 2013
    This is not a record for the fair-weather Frank fan, rather one in which he sticks to his story with the stubbornness of a mule.
  5. 70
    Unfortunately, Tape Deck Heart is not his strongest offering as a whole, but it features a number of fantastic tracks that could conceivably be "hits" and will surely become live staples.
  6. May 20, 2013
    There's undeniable joie de vivre to the airpunching I want To dance but his "doing it for the kids" rhetoric and propensity to wallow in rose-tinted nostalgia gets a little corny. [Jun 2013, p.92]
  7. Apr 22, 2013
    The reality though is that your ability to get on board with this record will depend more or less entirely on how you feel about its lyrical content.

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  1. BKM
    May 3, 2013
    There aren't as many as invigorating, reach for the sky ballads as on his last album, but that doesn't mean that this is a rock record that fails to rock. Tape Deck Heart is a rich and melodic set of folk/punk tunes dealing with Turner's usual themes of heartache, hope, redemption and the saving grace of rock and roll. Expand