Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 19
  2. Negative: 2 out of 19
  1. The album itself is almost incidental to the self-styled fantasy that Katy Perry sells with this entire project.
  2. There's intelligence, individuality and character in abundance. But all too often it's caked in dollar-store body glitter and choked by feather boas.
  3. For all the pomp and watermelon costumes, Perry is primarily a smart and personal pop songwriter. And Teenage Dream shows-in carefully selected spots-that she's ready to grow up.
  4. With music as rigidly formulaic as this, no wonder the teens in her songs want to party until they blank out.
  5. There's none of the ABBA or Cardigans influence she claimed, nor any of the fun she seems to have in real life. For now she just sounds like another of pop's Stepford Wives.
  6. If you've heard the singles, which you probably have, then you've heard the best Teenage Dream has to offer
  7. Beneath the fruity outfits and fart jokes, Perry is clearly serious about the business of hit songcraft; that doesn't make Dream nearly cohesive as an album, but it does provide, intermittently, exactly the kind of high-fructose rush she's aiming for.
  8. By the end of Teenage Dream--hell, halfway through--it's apparent that neither Perry nor her collaborators had much to say that was meaningful, or even particularly interesting. It sure didn't stop them from saying it anyway.
  9. Teenage dreamer turns in nightmare of a second record.
  10. To judge Perry as inauthentic or unoriginal would be wrong; as with any great ad campaign, uncanny familiarity is her greatest achievement.
  11. Those two qualities [Perry's sex appeal and goofy, self-effacing charm] are out of balance for most of the album, resulting in awkward jams like E.T. (Futuristic Lover) and Peacock.
  12. After some severe front-loading, the album is filled out by songs that are too dark or lifeless to work alongside the Candyland motif of the cover and sunbeamy splash of California Gurls.
  13. She's got some distance to travel before she's a truly mind-blowing, norm-shattering pop star. She's not the new Madonna, just a very naughty girl. [Oct 2010, p.117]
  14. Teenage Dream is the kind of pool-party-pop gem that Gwen Stefani used to crank out on the regular, full of SoCal ambience and disco beats.
  15. The remainder of Teenage Dream is a raunchy pop nightmare, with A-list producers lining up to churn out some of the worst work of their careers.
  16. 60
    Perry delivers the gurl-gone-wild stuff with requisite sass, but she actually sounds more engaged on "Not Like the Movies" and "One That Got Away"--quieter cuts that recall her singer-songwriter days at L.A.'s Hotel Cafe.
  17. I can forgive a couple of transgressions if Teenage Dream redeemed itself with songs that were more than trashy, one-dimensional pop, but, alas, the rest of the album is just as predictable as the VMAs and only marginally more entertaining.
  18. Unfortunately, the fun peaks around the time that Snoop Dogg officially hands over his thug-life card during the previously released "California Gurls," a slice of sunny disco-pop perfection that suggested Teenage Dream just might trump 2008's spotty but enjoyable One Of The Boys. Instead, Perry returned with lots of ho-hum ballads and lackluster radio fodder as limp as the discarded lover in the dis track "Circle The Drain."
  19. Teenage Dream is front-loaded with synthetic whump-pop that fuses Perry's singular vocal nag to irresistible songsmithery.
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  1. Aug 26, 2010
    Apparently on a mission to exemplify how deep the inanity pool goes, Katy Perry provides us with a collection of dumb that can't even be saved by calling it comedy. Reaching out to the "OMG-she-made-a-penis-reference" preteen crowd, Katy wants to see your "Peacock-cock-cock-cock" ... which is about all you need to know about this album. If you're into boorish puerility on steroids, go buy "Teenage Dream" and enjoy the tingling sensation of your IQ plummeting. Full Review »
  2. Aug 25, 2010
    this is AMAZING! California gurls, Teenage Dream, Last friday night, peacock, fireworks = potential hits. This album is bigger than anything Lady GaGa, Ke$ha,..... did Full Review »
  3. Aug 24, 2010
    WOW i am shocked, this album is amazing, i have never seen an album with such wide range of music and beat, this album is way bigger then any other i ve heard from this year, literally every song on the album is hotttt, this is a definite triple diamond album at works here, Katy Perry is the leading lady on top as of now. Full Review »