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  1. Guest appearances on any type of album usually generates some negativity but the ones on Adventures really shine and freshen it up a bit.
  2. Bobby Ray has a little way to go to match his mentor's lyrical ingenuity, but as the first post-Lupe rap star he's already absorbed the most important lessons about form and function, inspiration and integrity. It's a great start.
  3. The opening track, "Don't Let Me Fall," showcases the rapper's smoothed-voice singing talent and vulnerability ("They say what goes up must come down/But don't let me fall") over a booming guitar, while "Magic" (featuring Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo) takes a more pop-driven direction.
  4. He’s an amazing ringmaster for the age of mash-ups and wonky pop, and for his debut album he’s equally thrilling as the main attraction.
  5. 80
    While Adventures of Bobby Ray is B.o.B’s story, the feeling he conjures makes it easy to relate. It’s safe to say this genre-blending debut is a step in the right direction for the young rap star.
  6. On B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray when the combination of styles works, he hits a sweet spot that's sure to advance his crossover career.
  7. The rags-to-riches rap is a cliched one, but Simmons’ take feels brave.
  8. A lesser artist could have gotten lost among the big names, but B.o.B’s soulful, Southern-fried sensitivity dominates this assured, thoughtful debut.
  9. B.o.B. may be too eager to please at this stage of his career, and Adventures is perhaps too stuffed with ideas and styles to be deemed a true success, but the triumphs fucking reverberate.
  10. This is a musician with creativity on tap and enough of it to burn through a little filler here while ensuring the prime cuts emerge perfectly.
  11. The album's middle sags futilely, with bigwig producers like Dr. Luke and Jim Jonsin turning in weak beats. But even then, B.o.B. carries the weight with burning charisma.
  12. There are many quirks with this album, but realise that it doesn't feel like a debut from a fully-formed artist, rather someone that intermittently flickers with potential and then dials it down to play it safe for the radio.
  13. It's unswervingly catchy stuff. [Aug 2010, p.116]
  14. Atlanta MC Bobby Ray's debut album can be filed next to those by Wale and Kid Cudi: He's a left-of-center rap hero whose skills lag somewhere several miles south of his hipster bona fides.
  15. 50
    The Adventures of Bobby Ray is a hip-hop Scary Movie, tossing off references (Vampire Weekend sample, Rivers Cuomo cameo) while struggling to establish a distinctive identity.
  16. The Adventures of Bobby Ray is a curiously lonely affair, the sound of a singular talent being drowned in a tidal wave of cheerful banality.
  17. But all the Chris Martinesque piano lines and calibrated guest appearances--from Weezer's River Cuomo to Janelle Monae--can't obscure an absence of soul throughout. For someone who raps so often about his days as an up-and-comer, there's a distinct lack of passion.
  18. As far as products go, B.o.B. is, at the very least, highly marketable, if not terribly satisfying. The Adventures of Bobby Ray, like bubblegum, loses its flavor after about 15 minutes.
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  1. Dec 11, 2010
    This album is really good. A lot of good songs on this album. One of the year best album. I didn't think this album was going be good. A very nice Alternative rap and pop rap album. I think B.o.b is really talented. One of the year best new artist. Full Review »
  2. Dec 14, 2010
    In many ways, the songs "Nothin' on You", "Airplanes" and "Airplanes, Part II" are the highlights of the album. However, the album is one of the greatest of 2010. Full Review »
  3. Mar 8, 2012
    Even though this album is catchy it's not the Hip-hop i was looking for. B.o.B's new songs like Stange CLouds & Play the guitar are good Hip-hop tracks. Hopefully B.o.B can makea decent hi-hop album because this one was god awful Full Review »