The Bake Sale [EP]

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  • Summary: The second EP for the Chicago-based rap duo was produced by Evan Ingersoll.
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  1. Alternative Press
    Balancing a DIY mentality with a good ear for catch hooks, the Cool Kids have the ability to please both sides of the fence--which is exactly what the hip-hop world needs. [Aug 2008, p.174]
  2. Prejudices be damned, this is the best hip-hop record this year, and if that doesn’t satiate your hype-riddled appetite, then you would be well-served to shut off your computer, removing yourself from the power of the web, and throw this in your car stereo.
  3. The release of the Cool Kids' debut EP still radiated sonic excitement, a blast at once sharp, funny and intimate. Here, after all, is a triumph of absolute aestheticism.
  4. Under The Radar
    The Cool Kids remember when hip-hop was a party. [Summer 2008]
  5. The Bake Sale is the first commercially available product from a group that's built its rep via MySpace and live shows, and most of these tracks have been floating around the internet for a long minute. But it makes for a great little introduction to two guys who know exactly what they're doing and who do it well.
  6. All in all, and most importantly, the Cool Kids exhibit enough good ideas to promise that not only are they not cheesed-out throwback jokers, but that they are good enough rappers to stick around for whatever counts as a long haul these days.
  7. We'll take it any day over the bloated, self-important MOR of the Big Rap Stars (stand-up Nas) but hipster rap still has a way to go if it's to prove more than a passing fad.

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