The BQE - Sufjan Stevens
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  • Summary: The Detroit artist wrote the music for the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), to be performed in the Howard Gilman Opera House at the Next Wave Festival in October of 2007.
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  1. It’s his most ambitious undertaking to date, and while it presents no obvious singles or easy entry points, he pulls it off without it feeling pretentious or ponderous.
  2. It is at times derivative, but it is overall a transcendent work by one of the most promising musician-artists in the contemporary scene.
  3. Pop go the classics with Sufjan Stevens.
  4. His ideas are realized with the confidence of a seasoned composer, comfortable with implementing all corners of the orchestra to wondrous effect.
  5. As lyrical a musician as he is, without his commanding use of language (the song cycle is entirely instrumental), the BQE loses some momentum near the end, but by then it's become clear that, as is the case with all of his projects, the term "half-assed" does not apply.
  6. It feels like a project, something done for school as a kid, with the kind of whimsical subject matter that a child might dream up, but carried out with tremendous artistic vision and skill. [Fall 2009, p.60]
  7. 40
    It's occasionally very beautiful, but this is so far removed from values of immediacy and accessibility that Stevens' core audience are likely to be left non-plussed. [Dec 2009, p. 113]

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