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  • Summary: Taking the best of post-punk, new wave, and pop as inspiration, Sunderland's Futureheads were among the best of the U.K.'s "angular" movement. Their capability of delivering their trademark pop thrills on this album sustains their position as Sunderland's sharpest export.

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Heartbeat Song
When we meet, I listen to your heartbeat I can hear the rhythm and the tone Every time I listen to my heart It's like a cartwheel in my head, but my... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. With lyrical themes of global economic distress and romantic bliss, British pop-punk band the Futureheads bring a more refined sound to its fourth album.
  2. An ever present Gang of Four musical demeanor, and the untiring pace of Fugazi makes 'The Chaos' quite aptly relentless.
  3. They have always had an unabashed sensibility for writing three-minute pop songs and this record is stuffed full of them. The Futureheads have made exhilarating order out of The Chaos.
  4. 74
    The group's fourth album, The Chaos, demonstrates that it has lost none of the infectious enthusiasm that made 2004's self-titled debut such a pleasure to hear.
  5. Though The Futureheads' established formula still sticks steadfast, there are enough wild cards peppered throughout to prove that, far from stuck in a rut, they're still moving playfully forward.
  6. Seven years after their first release, they've gone from being That Band Who Did The Kate Bush Cover to a genre of their very own, with a thousand identikit wannabes, and The Chaos is the cherry on top of their spiky, raucous, post punk cake.
  7. There are many hits and many misses, but again, the pure energy of the whole thing can't be denied.

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  1. May 30, 2012
    This album isn't as chaotic as the title may have you guessing, but is probably the best work of the Futureheads to date. Their first albumThis album isn't as chaotic as the title may have you guessing, but is probably the best work of the Futureheads to date. Their first album was amazing, don't get me wrong, but this album manages even more catchy tunes to it than any of their other albums did. From Struck Dumb, to Heartbeat Song, to The Connector, it's all about high energy, upbeat tunes with one purpose: To get you on your feet. They flow through each song with mastery, never letting go of you until the album is done. Expand