The Coral Sea - Patti Smith and Kevin Shields
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  • Summary: Recorded in 2005-2006, the live set is based on a poem about the famed photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe, who was also Patti Smith's friend.
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  1. Poetry and music are so closely aligned anyway that at their best, they become one. This is a stunning, awe-inspiring, love-soaked example.
  2. As for The Coral Sea, it’s a magnificent tribute and a monumental accomplishment in the career of one of America’s truly outstanding artists.
  3. Like all of her wordplay--as written, sometimes spontaneously spoken, and occasionally sung--it fits.
  4. 80
    Here, she's captured twice in concert feverishly reading her phantasmagoric memorial to friend and artist Robert Mapplethorpe with the accompaniment of fellow savant Kevin Shields, the reclusive My Bloody Valentine leader who matches the ebb and flow of her morphing prose with thunderstorms of guitar sustain that weep and roar empathetically.
  5. Smith's love for the sensuousness of language and her possessed recitation coupled with Shields' auractic guitar scrawls succeed in ways unimaginable. [Fall 2008, p.84]
  6. 72
    Shield's stark and shimmering shoegaze guitars expand and contract like colossal organs under Smith's chameleonic spoken word. [Summer 2008, p.97]
  7. A draining, rewarding journey. [Aug 2008, p.143]

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